Peter Malla

Chief Editor & Freelancer

United Kingdom

UK based writer and freelancer.

Founder & Editor of British independent media outlet Cone Magazine.

Documentary production (most recently interviewing BBC Radio 1 DJ Moxie, and founder of Boiler Room/ NTS Radio).

Copywriting and press releases

Electronic beats Magazine
The future of virtual reality in the music business

Writing this feature days before pre-orders of the Oculus Rift were to be dispatched, I look at a brief history of virtual reality, as well as the future, and its impact on the music industry, with interviews between 5 of the most active companies in the industry.

Cone Magazine
When I interviewed Mr. Scruff

Mancunian Andrew Carthy aka Mr. Scruff is many things. A father, a DJ, a producer, a cafe manager, promoter, and illustrator. So having the chance to pick his brains, in the run up to his appearance at El Dorado festival 2016, really does open the floor up to a wide discussion.

Hustle PR
Copywritting // Erosion Flow - Spectrums EP

In four years, Danish producer Henrik Koefod (aka Erosion Flow) has gone from co-creating the Copenhagen club night Rare Nights, to garnering international recognition with the release of last years self-titled debut EP on Man Make Music...

Hustle PR
Copywritting // Lazare Hoche - Access LP

Taking his name from the street on which he lived in his hometown of Paris, Lazare Hoche aka Charlie Naffah is a spearhead for the French underground dance community...

Cone Magazine
Review / Late Night Tales - Nils Frahm | Cone Magazine

Nills Frahm is irrevocably sensitive, both in his musical output as well as his public demeanour. With such a keen eye to the intricate relationship between sound and emotion, it was unquestionable that his contribution to the well respected compilation series would be one of notable merit.

Cone Magazine
Review / Farr Festival 2015 | Cone Magazine

The boutique festival set amongst a patchwork of golden cornfields in the sleepy Hertfordshire meadows seems about as far removed from the cityscape as you can be. However, being only an hour commute north of London, the trip down was notably short lived.

Hustle PR
Copywritting // Lo Shea - Durga EP

Sheffield’s techno spearhead Lo Shea returns for his second release in 2015, served with a Zenker Brothers remix out on DEXT Recordings.

Cone Magazine
Speaker Cone / Eskimo Recordings Label Manager Nadiem Shah | Cone Magazine

In our latest episode of Speaker Cone, we catch up with A&R / label manager for one of Belgium's landmark record labels, Eskimo Recordings, to talk about the music scene in Belgium and the challenges in running a record label in 2015. Speaker Cone /\ Eskimo Recordings Label Manager Nadiem Shah by Cone_Magazine on Mixcloud Since ...