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Afghanistan, the Balkans and Eastern Med.



Charles calls for reconcilliation at Kosovo conference
Prizren, 19 March 2016 – Today, as part of the Royal Tour of the Western Balkans, The Prince of Wales, Charles, attended a conference organized by the Interfaith Kosovo...
What will winter bring for Europe's refugee crisis?
PRESEVO/OXFORD, 14 October 2015 (IRIN) - Rough seas and colder weather usually signal a sharp drop in the numbers of migrants and refugees attempting to cross the Mediterranean...
A Macedonian Makeover?
Photographic contribution: "Sure it feels good when you see the movie Alexander the Great and he says 'come on Macedonians, ride with me'," says 23-year-old student Bojan...
Stand Up Sisters!
Episode 11 of "Stand up Sisters!" Broadcast on National Radio Afghanistan during 2014. The programme used elements of BBC 4's 'Women's Hour' to both entertain and raise...
A Way Station on the Refugee Road
Driton, a big-hearted volunteer with a ready smile, has been with them almost from day one. He describes some of the people who have passed recently: An old woman masking her...
Short-lived calm in Macedonia's refugee rush
Thousands of refugees continue to cross into Macedonia from Greece daily. While authorities in both countries are doing a better job of managing the crowds at the border, it is...
British Authors on Ottoman Tolerance
There is a famous routine in Monty Python’s The life of Brian that might be equally applied to the Ottoman Empire: Q: So, what have the Ottomans ever done for us? A: Coffee...
Migrants re-route to avoid Greece
Analysis of changing migration routes
Q&A Ambassador Ian Cliff
Ian Cameron Cliff, OBE, has been British Ambassador to Kosovo since March 2011. His background suggests a man who has worked alongside people of many different faiths in Bosnia...
Perryeyes: The Brits in Kosovo
Albanian memories of the British forces in Kosovo
Kosovo's Resurgent Religious Pulse
Witness prayers spilling onto the streets of Vusturri on a Friday, packed Cathedral congregations in Gjakova on a Sunday, or joyful community gatherings of the Protestant...
Journey into Greco-German darkness. Conversation with a Greek military officer.
Has Germany launched an economic invasion on Greece?
Hague: UN council has failed Syrians
William Hague chaired a debate on the Middle East in the UN, New York today. He gave an extensive speech outlining the progress he feels has been made during the Arab spring but...
Flat pack shelters improve conditions for refugees
Flat pack shelters improve conditions for refugees Global / Economics & Innovation 28 Nov 2013 Innovative flat pack refugee shelters designed to improve living conditions for...
Afghanistan's sporting success inspires future generations
Afghanistan's sporting success inspires future generations 10 Dec 2013 On 11 September the Afghan national football team won their first ever trophy, after becoming South Asian...
The Friday Phenomenon
My journey 28km north of Pristina to the small town of Vushtrri was accompanied by a sermon from a preacher on the car radio: a Christian preacher. I was travelling to...
Smiles, stares and the streets of Kabul
A story of Kabul street life
Mediating migration - a transformation - from observation to direct action.
Travels to the edges of the world and back again. Picking up stories that the 'news' wave leaves behind: human stories of insight and adventure.


Freedom at 4AM: Misadventures in Afghanistan
Freedom at 4AM is a true life tale of cultural clash in Afghanistan: from the political to the personal, from the spiritual to sexual. Set against a backdrop of history,...


Nine things to know about Kosovo | Travel Feature
First, forget all images of war... Gone? Good. Kosovo is a vibrant and friendly state full of rewarding experiences for independent travellers.
On the road in Panjshir, Afghanistan | Travel Feature
While working for an NGO in Kabul, British expat Marc Perry went to explore the precipitous Panjishir valley in northeastern Afghanistan. It had been my dream to visit Panjshir...
Mount Athos | Rough Guides
In search of the spiritual side of Greece - and perhaps himself - Marc Perry discovers the trials and tranquility of the lives of Mount Athos's monks. The ferry to Mount Athos...
Travel Tips Greece | Rough Guides
The good news for travellers to Greece is this: ignore the crisis headlines. Away from the grim scenes in central Athens, life goes on as normal; there's little sign of...


Opperman calls for more protection for Tyne Valley farmers
Local MP / Farming story.
Man of controversy
A profile of Ian Paisley
Q&A: With MP Chi Onwurah
Q&A with the Shadow Secretary for Buisness, Innovation and Skills

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