Per Meurling

Food Writer & Founder of Berlin Food Stories


Per Meurling is a Swedish food and restaurant blogger and journalist based in Berlin with a background in digital tech. Through his internationally renowned blog Berlin Food Stories (founded 2012) he has become the foremost independent expert on Berlin’s burgeoning restaurant scene. As a former semi-professional chef and avid traveller, Per’s knowledge about food and connections within the restaurant industry are second to none.
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Personal Blogs

Berlin Food Stories

Through his internationally renowned blog, Berlin Food Stories, Per has become the foremost independent expert on Berlin’s burgeoning restaurant scene.

Finest Food Stories

The extraordinary food stories of Per Meurling and his friends. Launching: Autumn 2016

Top Lists

12forward by White Guide
Berlin - 12forward by White Guide

12forward lists the 12 eateries in each chosen city that at any given moment represent the very forefront of gastronomy - ranging from fine dining restaurants to hole in the wall joints

The 12 Best New Restaurants in Berlin, Germany

The hottest 12 restaurant and bars in Berlin right now. This list is a replacement of Per's original list which was published in July 2016, updated to reflect all the newest openings in Berlin over from last 12 months.

The 38 Essential Berlin Restaurants

Commissioned by Eater to compile their go-to guide of Berlin's 38 most essential restaurants for tourists in a world series that included London, LA, Hong Kong and more.

FoodieHub - Find The World's Essential Eats
Discover the best dishes in Berlin

Berlin's essential eats with an angle integrating rustic German traditional food with the restaurants and dishes representative of the city's rich immigrant history.

FOODIEHUB - The world's Essential Eats
The 5 Best Döner Kebabs in Berlin

A definitive guide to Germany's no. 1 fast food. In Berlin, more than 1,000 eateries sell the German iteration of the classic, Turkish meat dish. Foodie Hub asked for the best of the best.

Other Writings

die WELT
Im Norden viele Neues

A full-page article in die WELT (one of Germany's biggest newspapers) all about Oslo's thriving food scene.

Restaurant expert

Per is the resident restaurant expert and columnist for Spreeradio - one of Berlin's biggest radio stations. Each week he shares his tips on where listeners should be eating out.

Travel Guide: Berlin

A Berlin travel-guide for Saveur's worldwide community of eaters and food aficionados. The article focuses on where to find the best restaurants in the city and what to order when there.

Ich bin ein Berliner

Article emphasising the breadth of culinary options and Michelin starred restaurants in Berlin, despite the fact it's still not heralded as a 'food destination' in comparison to other European cities.

SEEK magazine
From Head to Heart

Article documenting a day spent on a Brandenburg farm witnessing the killing and subsequent butchering of two pigs. Includes recipe for Pork Neck Stew from Lode & Stijn.

Food Trends Column

A regular trend scouting column for Gourmet magazine as their Berlin expert, advising on new openings, gossip and upcoming fashions on the restaurant scene.

Articles about Per

Makt över mat-Berlin

Interview and six recommendations with one of Sweden's leading news/media publications

BBC Good Food
Best places to eat in Berlin

You know that moment when the jumbo jet has just taken off from the runway? It feels a bit like that,' says Per Meurling, Berlin's foremost food blogger, describing the city's current culinary scene. The sense of excitement around the city's restaurants at the moment is palpable.

Style Magazine

Asked to talk about the most innovative restaurants in Berlin as well as share insight on the current direction of the food scene for Singapore's Style Magazine

У немца на языке

One of the oldest and the most respected online media portals in Russia - which accrues 1.5 billion page reads per year -came to Berlin to report on the food scene and interviewed Per as part of their investigation.

Exberliner food issue
Blogger's Choice

Per is interviewed about his favourite restaurants on a variety of budgets by Berlin's biggest English speaking magazine along with the city's top food bloggers.

Dagens Industri (Sweden's biggest business publication)
Food is Berlin's new Techno

A profile interview in Sweden's biggest business paper (comparable to The Financial Times) asking Per's thoughts on the Berlin food scene as well as covering Per's history and that of the blog.

BBC Good Food
Best places to eat in Berlin

Marina O'Loughlin explores Berlin's restaurants under Per's guidance, including his quote: ""You know that moment when the jumbo jet has just taken off from the runway? It feels a bit like that,' says Berlin's foremost food blogger describing the city’s current culinary scene."

Expats in Berlin

A profile of Per's work under the umbrella of his Swedish heritage. Follows his story from a young love of Swedish ingredients, to a student penchant for pizza to today's exploration of Michelin starred establishments and holes in the wall alike.