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The kindly people below have let me loose on their web content and copy for the past 5 years. Luckily, the results were greatly boosted SEO, press coverage, awards nominations (for them!) and more website/real-life visitors and sales. If you're hankering after gallery or artist website copy, an artist's statement, a press release, corporate web copy, creative digital content, or anything in that arena, contact me at [email protected]. I'm on Skype as pennypenny456.

"Penny is great at content for products. Easy to work with and understands the way products should be described. We had a great experience with Penny and will continue to use her services." - Sean, 2016

" I really enjoy working with Penny, who produced very high quality work with a very fast turnaround. I will definitely work with her again in the future and I highly recommend her to anyone who is in need to produce quality, accessible art content." - Luca, Artist. 2015


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Just Why Were Renaissance Babies so Ugly?

This excellent Tumblr is responsible for cementing the Ugly Renaissance Baby into popular imagination. Before I read Ugly Renaissance Babies, I had noticed that these babies looked just a bit fucking weird. But as everyone oohed and ahhed at Renaissance paintings so much, I felt that pointing out their disturbing oddness would render me some kind of philistine.

Web Copy for Artists, Designers, Galleries and Photographers

Doinel Gallery
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Web copy and artist bios for Doinel Gallery, a London-based fine art photography gallery.

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Press Release - Katcha Bilek
Brit Awards Press Release

Event covered in The Bristol Post, South West Business, Business Leader, Chitter2Chatter, OK! Magazine, Live Eco Blog, and more!