Penny Brazier

Copywriter, communications consultant and all-round word wizard.

United Kingdom

Helping you tell stories your customers will fall in love with.

"I would read @penthemighty's shopping list. Everything this woman writes is exceptional and this is no exception." - Sophie Cross (editor of Freelancer Magazine)

Here are some recent projects I've enjoyed working on.

If you're looking for help with something specific, do get in touch - I have more!

Name, strapline and core messaging
Independent Nottingham

In summer 2021 I worked with Nottingham BID to create powerful straplines and messaging to raise the profile of the city's independent shopping scene. This campaign was coordinated by brand designer Anna Rigby, who I work with regularly. If you need words and visuals you can hire us both as a package - we're a dream team!

Bi-monthly newsletter
Wood Farm Cottages

Back in 2020 I helped Wood Farm set up an overarching content strategy for their blogs, newsletter and social media content. The themes and narrative allow them to tell a story about what makes their destination so special (and it really is). I still write their regular newsletter. Read it - you'll want to pack your bags for Norfolk immediately!

Web feature
University of Oxford

I'm currently on the second round of writing these features for Oxford's Social Sciences Division, showcasing the pioneering and at times jaw-dropping work of their academics. I interview the people involved, comb through the data, then condense everything into a readable story for an external audience to enjoy. It's really inspiring and fulfilling work. I do a lot of writing and consulting for HE institutions - if you want to see some more, let me know.

Content strategy, TOV work, communications
Fluyd Ltd.

A highly technical offering for a niche audience. I spent 18 months working with fintech start-up Fluyd, helping them set up a content strategy and tone of voice then producing website copy, blogs, social content and communications. Our Medium piece on atomic settlement was picked up by fintech publication The Capital and still ranks #3 on Google for the topic.

Olly Olly

Writing about small business marketing is my happy place! I wrote this introduction to social media marketing, plus a few more pieces besides, for US digital agency Olly Olly who were rebranding to be more customer-focused and easy going. I had a lot of fun writing this.

Campaign copy
White Rose

Another collaborative project with the excellent brand designer Anna Rigby. I was hired to write flyer, poster and window decal copy for this charity fashion brand's September 2021 student campaign. You can just see a snip of it here. I'm especially proud of that last line.


A sample of my ongoing work with European start-up fund and accelerator Pitchdrive, writing blogs, help pages and how-tos aimed at founders who want to get a head-start in the market. Their tone is informed, clear and helpful.

Opinion piece for trade press
5G Factory of the Future

Need hard facts turning into readable, engaging stories? I'm your person. For this project I worked with the comms team at AMRC (via Hotfoot Media) to put together an opinion piece for specialist trade publication "The Engineer" to publicise the launch of a major 5G testbed in Lancashire.

Website copy
Debbie Lynn Pilates

This was a rewrite of Debbie's existing site to make it clearer, more consistent and customer-focused. We worked hard on getting a tone of voice that reflected Debbie's warmth and professionalism and I think it really works.

Metal Hammer

Finally... music journalism is my occasional side gig. Let me at anything music-related and I'll bite your hand off. You'll find me writing for Louder/Metal Hammer every now and then, usually on punk, metal, and US underground indie bands from the 80s and 90s. I also have reams of nostalgic music-related writing on Medium at Turn it up!