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From Plato to pointe shoes

"Dance has always been my passion but it has always felt like an unrealistic dream that I would never pursue." Kingston University student Anya Bojic was one of the thousands of teenage Cypriots who were raised to believe that when it comes to career choice, there are only two pathways.

Cyprus; an underwater amphitheatre

By Penelope Karaolis RECOGNISING the rising number of adventure-seeking divers from around the world, the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) is focusing on shaping the island's diving scene into one of the best in the Mediterranean. "Cyprus is a growing market in the field of diving tourism," CTO officer Christodoulos Papachristodoulou told the Cyprus News Agency.

Security guard reveals students' secret lives in halls

A Kingston University security guard has described how colleagues are powerless to stop students from drug dealing, prostitution and theft because of manager's reluctance to kick out offenders. The guard told The River how he had found buried cocaine bags, forgotten sex toys in public areas of student accommodation, as well as student's rooms being home to prohibited businesses.

KU ladies win to reach cup quarter-finals

A spirited performance by Kingston Women's football team against Brighton at Tolworth Court resulted ina well-deserved 2-1 win, qualifying them for the Cup's quarter-finals. Miriam Osondu and Keri Ventre battled hard in midfield to feed the forwards, who worked well together and threatened to score from both sides.

Former cop to be sentenced for wife's murder

By Penelope Karaolis Former police officer, Nicos Iordanous, who was found guilty of murdering his wife Stavroula in December 2012, will sentenced on Friday, the Larnaca Criminal Court ruled at a mitigation hearing on Wednesday. During proceedings, defence lawyer Kypros Andreou, argued for a reduced sentence.

"Expectations of superhuman strength and massive muscles are just stereotypes." |

KU's Basketball Club President, Youssef El Hana, talks stereotypes, summer beer bellies, team's achievements and the importance of fans with The River. Spending some time with Youssef was like being with a surprisingly mature celebrity: everyone knows Youssef, everyone says hi to Youssef and no one has anything bad to say about him.

Dolphinaria talk raises concern

By Penelope Karaolis AGRICULTURE minister Nicos Kouyialis said that foreign investors' requests to operate dolphinaria in Cyprus are being carefully reviewed, with animal rights groups calling for him to abandon the idea. Cyprus is the only EU member state that has not only banned the creation of dolphinaria but also the importation of any cetacean in general.

Nicolás Maduro Vs The People of Venezuela

Dear Mr Maduro, This 'I'm-an-almighty-gangsta-tyrant' thing you have going on...isn't working for you. I'm afraid history isn't on your side Mr Dictator-wannabe. You all, eventually, fall. Do the names Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Francisco Franco and Saddam Hussein ring a bell? No, they're not names of exotic foods.

Become more employable: how to learn a language, the fun way

What do employers look for when hiring? How can you get into a work experience programme if in order to get accepted (as ridiculous as it sounds) you need to have previous work experience? Although part-timing at Nando's, Pizza Express or McDonald's may portray your "interpersonal" and "organisation" skills, it is not something that will make you stand out.

Greek Christmas: Healthy Honey Biscuits with Walnuts (Melomakarona)

I am sure you have all heard of the unbeatable health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet, so I have decided to share my yiayia's (grandmother's) recipe for Greek Christmas syrupy biscuits made of extra virgin olive oil, honey, walnuts and cinnamon. Oh and brandy!

UK Goverment Vs Firefighters

Dear Mr Politician, Superman, Batman and Spiderman are fictional! Firefighters are heroes, not superheroes. According to a universally-established social convention, congratulating or thanking someone usually entails the act of gift-giving; flowers, talking teddy bears, cards and, as politically incorrect as it may appear to feminists, blenders are examples of gifts which are generally accepted, expected...

10 New Year's resolutions everyone should make

It is the season to make a long list of promises which will be forgotten within a week of being jotted down. After all, no one has ever lost 30 pounds in 30 days (at least not voluntarily). This year, ditch the overly ambitious resolutions aside and try out these New Year's 'attempts' for a fulfilled, healthful 2015.