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Christina Holbrook


I live in Breckenridge, Colorado, and I love to write about all aspects of my home in the mountains: my New Yorker's take on outdoor adventure, schmoozing with local chefs and Colorado winemakers, finding humor and grace in this path that has brought me through chaos and heartbreak to love.

Work and life have taken me to New York City, Miami and Palm Beach, and on extended stints to Italy and Hong Kong. I've taken a company public in New York, practiced shamanic healing, raised money for affordable healthcare options - and spent a lot of time writing.

What interests me most?: People. The natural world. Eating and drinking. Unbelievable coincidences. Stories. I am always ready to explore new ideas and dive into new experiences, and then write about them!



Novel In Progress
All The Flowers of the Mountain

In an art gallery in Paris, middle-aged cardiologist Dr. Michael Pearce confronts his past when he views a series of bronze sculptures by the artist Katherine Morgan. The sculptures evoke memories of the summer so many years ago, when Michael and Katherine first met and fell in love as teenagers in rural New Hampshire. He, a small town boy who liked to ski and play guitar and was destined to run his father’s hardware store; she, the restless unhappy daughter of a wealthy New York family.

Column: "Lark Ascending"

The Summit Daily News
Nosy Neighbors

Second Place Winner, 2017 Colorado Associated Press Editors and Reporters Award

The Summit Daily
Opinion | Lark Ascending: The great dinner party

Invitations have gone out, weeks ago. Ads enticing ticket-buyers to attend the annual event are appearing on radio and in the newspaper. Posters are pinned up all over town. Everyone has an opinion about the details and execution of such an important party.

Summit Daily
Eleanor Gets A Gun

Not how she thought she'd spend her golden years. One year after the election, thoughts on Eleanor Roosevelt and Hillary Clinton.

Summit Daily
The Life of the Vine

Stag's Leap founder Warren Winiarski on wine and poetry, and loving things that are difficult. Photo: Bob McClenahan

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Summit Community Care Clinic video
Healthy Children = Strong Community

Nearly 40% of the Summit Community Care Clinics 8400 patients are children. This video accompanied the Clinic's major annual fundraiser, Soup for the Soul.
How Important Is Listening, Really?

Listening is a magnetic and strange thing. The people who really listen to us are the ones we move toward, and want to sit in their radius as though it did us good.