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Peter Livingston

Brand & Communications Expert

Location icon United States

Hi, I'm Peter Livingston. I'm a brand and communications leader, with a track record of managing large, successful marketing efforts, including: executive communications strategies, content marketing planning and execution, internal engagement campaigns and initiatives, and brand/creative oversight and development.

Three Ways to Stand Out This Giving Tuesday

This is a thought leadership article I wrote for Non-profit ENGAGE on fundraising for Giving Tuesday. Over the course of my time leading Christmas promotional efforts at World Vision, fundraising on Giving Tuesday grew 575%, hitting $4M in 2018.

World Vision email communication
A message from World Vision's president

This is an email I wrote on behalf of World Vision president, Edgar Sandoval. Fairly short and to-the-point, Edgar's voice always included a level of warmth, using a tonality of: humility, sincerity, enthusiasm and directness.

Internal Brand Document
World Vision Brand Story

While at World Vision, I led a brand refresh that was responsible for refining the articulation of the brand, including a new brand story. I helped to craft this new element of the World Vision brand framework, which ultimately got approval by World Vision U.S. and World Vision International leadership. Mandatories to include were: faith language, impact-drivers, and a hopeful call to unite for the good of all people.

World Vision News & Stories
The best return: Benefits and blessings of clean water

This was an article I helped ghost write on behalf of World Vision president, Edgar Sandoval, on the impact of clean water in the developing world. Utilizing insights from his career at P&G, his mandate to include strong faith language, and notes from one of his international trips to the field, I was able to connect his desire for ROI from P&G to his impact-driving mentality in his new role.