Patricia Bumpass

Freelance Copywriter and Content Strategist

Location icon United States

I partner with businesses to create persuasive content that resonates with their audience.

My extensive experience in healthcare and business allows me to write compelling content that will help your business stand out above the competition.

Find a few select samples that showcase my work below.

Contact me today at [email protected] or 919.358.2294 to discuss your content needs.

The Wealthy Writers Club
use your journal to plot a mystery

In the popular TV show, How to Get Away with Murder, criminal defense attorney and law professor Analise Keating grills her class on all the elements that must be present in order for a person to...well...get away with murder. In the back story several of Professor Keating's law students have managed to do just that.

The Wealthy Writers Club
journaling for accountability

Accountability, while not a new concept, can be instrumental in achieving success. We all want to be successful. We all want to achieve our goals. Unfortunately, often we fail to reach the achievements and milestones we envision for ourselves because we fail to hold ourselves accountable for our actions, our goals and ultimately, our lives.

The Wealthy Writers Club
journal to make money

You've been journaling religiously. Every day. Every other day, or even once or twice a week. But you just can't seem to see how you're going to turn your daily musings into saleable material. Take a deep breath because... There is a market for your personal story We all have a story to tell and your journal contains that story.