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Paul Gunning

Freelance Writer

Location icon United Kingdom

Started a blog in 2013 and was soon being paid to write, mainly about Manchester United & football in general but other stuff too.

Published on JOE, Republik of Mancunia, Squawka & Sabotage Times, amongst others.

Then decided to become a pub landlord, hence the two & a half years of writing silence.

Anyway, that’s the past, this is now, and I’m going full freelance, because it’s what I love doing and what I do best.

Oh, and I also beat Paul Scholes at a game of Crossbar Challenge, though he’d probably deny it.

Tangled Up In Red
Life, bloody hell. Football, bloody hell.

On the 20th of May 2008, the day before Manchester United won the Champions League for the second time, my first child was born. My wife's labour had been a long, terrifying ordeal during which I, no doubt like so many fathers before and since, had been reduced to a quivering, crying wreck, completely unable...

All About United
The Ed Woodward Show Has Left United In Their Rivals' Shadows

On July 17th 2013, Ed Woodward, the executive vice-chairman of the then Premier League champions, Manchester United, left the club's tour in Australia early. He did so, we were told, to 'attend to urgent transfer business.' And so began the Ed Woodward Show. The newspapers were awash with rumours.

Tangled Up In Red
The Black Dog

So, another famous person has died in tragic circumstances. This time, it's Robin Williams. Like so many news stories, these days, I found out about Williams' death on Twitter. It's odd, but there's something about that medium that makes bad news even more bleak than it already is.

Republik Of Mancunia
The Day I Met Paul Scholes

They say you should never meet your heroes, for therein lies only disappointment. Sage advice, no doubt. So, when I was asked to go and interview Paul Scholes for Republik of Mancunia, did I heed it? No. I cleared my diary and told everyone I knew, and even a few people I didn't know.

Tangled Up In Red
Just a Game

Every now and then, the bubble in which the football world exists is burst by an event that, while rooted in football, transcends football completely, and reminds us that football is, after all, just a game.

Republik Of Mancunia
It's Carrick, You Know

The world of football does not tend to be your first port of call for sober reflection on life. In an industry that can so often be brash, where television companies jostle for attention and matches are billed like blockbusters, and where the players on the stage are trained to speak in hollow soundbites with which to bat away searching questions, it is rare to hear real candour.

Tangled Up In Red
Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Man

Manchester United are on the offensive and, lets's face it, it's been a while since anyone could say that. Unfortunately, given that they haven't played since their limp defeat to Newcastle United just before the current international break, the offensive in question has nothing to do with their on-pitch performances.

Republik Of Mancunia
Why my son's first trip to Old Trafford was a trip down Memory Lane for me

We all have our reasons for falling in love with the beautiful game. I grew up in the days before Sky Sports, when 'Saints and Greavsie' was a thing and live football on TV was a rare treat. So, like many of my generation, it was initially through playing that the romance was kindled.

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