Paul Foldesi

WRIT 1120

Location icon United States

This semester has been full of learning especially in the writing department. Research papers was an area I learned multiple useful skills to include looking at the subject from all sides. Before this class, I would only look at my subject from my perspective and try to prove my point while avoiding the other sides' opinions. If I were to only consider my side, I will never be able to understand the opinions out there and won't understand the subject fully. I was ignorant, but now I know how broaden my views and in turn learn much more. Finding a middle ground is key to doing research. Looking back at the academic article, I wish I would've done more research into both sides of the argument for riot gear. I was sifting through academic articles with tunnel vision looking only for sources that support my argument. I would've learned more and created a better academic article if I had considered both sides. This writing class has taught me so much.