Paulette Dotson

Outdoor Enthusiast

United States of America

Paulette Dotson loves adventuring outdoors to experience nature and take part in fun activities with her family including dirtbiking, ATV riding, skiing, hiking, and much more! She also loves taking trips to Colorado and the Colorado River.

Importance of the Outdoors for Children

Nowadays, everyone you cross paths with seems to be glued to their tech devices. From children watching videos on tablets to mothers sharing on social media, it seems like everyone is wrapped up in a digital world. We've all come to know and love these devices; mobile phones have gone from a luxury to a staple.

Paulette Dotson
Importance of the Outdoors in 2018

Paulette Dotson is an adventurer who spent some time as a leader of a girl scout troop. She thinks about how she can help kids experience the thrill of the outdoors all the time rather than spending too much time trapped behind the screens of their computers and cell phones.

Paulette Dotson
Paulette Dotson

Paulette Dotson has a heart for adventures, a fortitude for family, and a love for the Denver Broncos. She is a mom with great spirit and passion. Adventurer What beckons the heart of an adventure or an explorer? Is it the calling fire for the great, the grand, and the new?

Best Family Activities to Kick off the Spring Season

Spring is finally here and we are all excited about this as it is the perfect time to lose the winter jackets, scarves, and gloves and come out of hiding. As we bid winter farewell we look forward to all the fun and excitement associated with spring including getting outdoors and engaging in fun activities with friends and family.

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My name is Paulette Dotson and I love Colorado, spending times with my family and traveling. I also enjoy watching football and especially love to watch the Denver Broncos play.

Paulette Dotson | Outdoor Adventurer, Colorado

Paulette Dotson is passionate about family, fun, sports, and spending time outdoors, taking trips to the Colorado River and cheering on the Denver Broncos. She is always looking for the next adventure staying active with activities like hiking, riding dirt bikes & ATVs, kayaking, skiing, and beyond.