Paul David Drabble Photographer

Freelance News & Public Relations Photographer

Paul David Drabble Editorial & PR (public relations) Photography is located in the UK City of Sheffield, South Yorkshire. I launched my freelance business over Fifteen years ago, after learning my trade as a staff photographer producing news images on a number of local newspapers.

In the time I have been freelancing my photography assignments have taken me to Iraq, Belgium, Gibraltar and Cyprus with the British Army, providing photographs for UK based clients. I have photographed Celebrities and Royals who are or were famous, very famous or not so famous at photo-calls, events, visits, shows and concerts across the country. I have supplied pictures for advertising to the U.S. from work undertaken here in the UK. I currently provide images to a number of UK based agencies and Picture Libraries and through these outlets my photography has been reproduced in local and national publications around the world.

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