Paul Bernard

Executive Coach, Career Advisor

Paul Bernard is an innovative executive coach, organizational design consultant, and career management advisor with more than 20 years of experience. He is the founder and principal of Paul Bernard & Associates, an executive coaching and management consulting firm. Before opening Paul Bernard & Associates in 1989, Mr. Bernard held senior management positions in both the financial services and publishing industries.


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Making the Leap From Entrepreneur to Leader of a Professionally Managed Business

At the helm of a company that's skyrocketing past start-up phase? Here's how to revamp your entrepreneur's tool box to handle the challenges of a growing business.

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How To Work Successfully With A Younger Boss

Five tips to optimize your working relationship with a younger boss.

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3 Reasons Not to Quit Your Job on the Spot

Sure, telling your boss to 'take this job and shove it' is appealing, but that bold move can have serious repercussions down the road.

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When Is Relocating for Work a Good Idea?

Five questions to consider before moving to find a job or weighing an offer that would take you to another city.

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Before agreeing to take a new position, analyze these eight crucial considerations.

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The Right (and Wrong) Ways to Use Job Boards

Employment sites can be a terrible waste of time for job seekers — unless you know how to get the most out of them.

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When the Job Interviewer Thinks You're Too Old

If you're over 50, here's what to say to convince a hiring manager that you've got what it takes.

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What To Do When Your New Business Flops

If you're an entrepreneur and you feel you're in over your head, how do you know when to fold your cards? And, more importantly, what do you do next?

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6 Tips for Networking Success

Learn the dos and don'ts that will help you leverage networking as a powerful tool in your job search.

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8 Ways Not to Lose the New Job You Finally Landed

Here's how to steer clear of common mistakes during your first 90 days.

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8 Ways to Stay Motivated When You're Looking for a Job

The job search can be frustrating and draining, but here's how to keep your spirits up and boost your chances of getting hired.

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7 Rules for Quitting Your Job Gracefully

Here are the best ways to leave on good terms -- and avoid career suicide.

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Why You Need a 'Reverse Mentor' at Work

That 20-something in the next cubicle can make you more valuable to your boss.

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4 Tips for Getting Hired in the Improving Job Market

Companies are making offers, but the competition is fierce, so follow this career coach's advice to boost your odds of finding work.


When Outplacement Is Stingy After a Job Loss

What to do now that firms have slashed counseling for laid-off workers By Paul Bernard | May 20, 2014 Paul Bernard is the founder and principal of Paul Bernard & Associates, an...

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7 Ways to Avoid Losing Your Job

A career coach offers smart tips on how to protect yourself from getting laid off.

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6 Fatal Mistakes Job Seekers Make

If you make any of these flubs, you may be rejected for a position you deserve.