Paula Bryant Bonilla

Writer and Editor

Location icon United States

Paula Bryant Bonilla is a professional writer whose work has been published in a variety of arenas, including daily newspapers, children's and young adult books, and college textbooks. She has also written under the names Paula Bryant and Paula Pratt. In addition, she is an experienced editor of college textbooks and digital assets, and some of her developmental editing projects and editorial content writing are shown here.

Retail Website Marketing Copy

Paula wrote a range of marketing copy, earning praise from Hayneedle editor Brett Bergstrom: "Your copy thus far has been fantastic. I look forward to seeing your stellar stuff."

Pasadena Star News
A Voice for Education

"It's knowing that the book I'm reading today will be heard by thousands of people and that I've had a hand in their education."

San Diego Union-Tribune
24-Hour Relay Emphasizes Life

"Eva Mae McCaw, matron of honor. "Maw Maw" Starnes, a wonderful grandmother. Thora Lee Fay, beloved of many. Lhin Cleavinger, who stays positive."

San Diego Union-Tribune
Saving Grace

"Belt it out at Chuck E Cheese's. Murmur it in private. Hold hands or sing."

San Diego Union-Tribune
A Barrio on the Brink

Current Latino residents ... may eventually be forced to either fight or yield to a more nebulous foe—progress."

Lucent Books
The Importance of Martha Graham

Young adult biography, written as Paula Bryant Pratt. Selected for the 1995 Books for the Teen Age annual list reviewed by New York Public Library staff.

The Los Angeles Times
A Helping Hand for Convicts

“Even with the emphasis on cooperation, reversing the social machinery of belligerence and mistrust cannot be achieved in a weekend or two.... But it is a start.”

Green Tiger Press
Tinker's Journey Home

In search of a home where he will feel comfortable, Tinker the snowshoe hare shares the dwellings of various animals before he finds the perfect place.

San Diego Union Currents in Books
"Malady" Is Sardonic Allegory

"Because the characters are generic, their lives outside the room a blank canvas, we are free to paint in ... our own longings."