Paul Collins

Experienced journalist and digital marketing specialist


I am a journalist and digital marketing professional. As a journalist, I have worked for the Press Association, the leading news agency in the UK, covering general news, sports, business and more. In addition, I worked as property reporter for trade industry magazine, the Morning Advertiser, and a sports reporter for Non League Today.

In the marketing sector, I have worked for two of the most high profile private universities in Spain and one of the largest networks of British international schools leading online activities, especially in the fields of SEM and SEO. I am a content writing expert and contribute to numerous blogs and publications in a number of sectors including sport, energy, and education.

Having worked in the UK, Spain, South Africa and Malaysia, I am a strong communicator and have managed multi-national teams.

The Global College
Why Learn Computer Science Skills? - The Global College

In today's digital age, computer science has become an essential field of study at universities across the world. There is no doubt that we are becoming increasingly dependent on technology, and the demand for skilled professionals who can design, develop, and maintain complex software systems is growing rapidly.

The Global College
What is innovation in education? - The Global College

In order to prepare students with the skills needed to succeed at university and beyond, schools need to be hubs of innovation. With the advancements in technology, and the need for our future leaders to have the skills and knowledge to hit the ground running when they begin their professional careers, innovation in education is increasingly important.

EDUCATION: Universidad Europea

Universidad Europea
Types of nanotechnology | Blog UE

Nanotechnology is the manufacture of products in incredibly small sizes. In this post, we will look at some examples of the use of nanotechnology.

Universidad Europea
What is financial management? | Blog UE

Financial management is a key area for all companies and institutions. In this post, we look into the role of a financial manager and what their salary is.

Universidad Europea
What does a property appraiser do? | Blog UE

Property appraisers calculate the value of real estate, land, or other assets. In this post, we will see the main functions and what you have to study to be a real estate appraiser.

Universidad Europea
Liderazgo en el deporte | Blog UE

¿Sabes que en el deporte, como en muchos sectores, existen diferentes tipos de liderazgo? Lee este post y ve cómo el liderazgo y el deporte van de la mano. Y te contamos qué puedes estudiar para ser un líder en el sector.

Universidad Europea
What is a Global MBA? | Blog UE

Find out what a Global MBA is, what it consists of and the advantages it offers you if you are thinking of having a professional career on the international stage

Universidad Europea
Qué es un CRM | Blog UE

In an increasingly digital and connected environment, companies that want to remain competitive have to ensure that they properly manage relationships with their customers. To facilitate this task, there are CRMs, a technology that can improve marketing ROI by 43% and increase sales revenue and customer satisfaction by 37%, according to Salesforce data.

Universidad Europea
¿Qué es la política exterior? | Blog UE

In the current context of international uncertainty, foreign policy acquires relevance by becoming an essential tool for fostering good relations between countries and preserving peace. However, the policies adopted by different countries do not depend solely on the Government but also on companies and civil society, actors that play an increasingly leading role in major political decisions, both outside and within national borders.

Universidad Europea
Sesion de entrenamiento de futbol | Blog UE

Football coaches are always looking for ways to get the best out of their players during football training sessions, at all levels: youth, amateur, or professional. It is not enough to arrive at football training without preparing something or to give the players a ball and simply tell them to play a game.

Universidad Europea
Salidas profesionales Traducción e Interpretación | Blog UE

If you are interested in languages, you should still consider a Degree in Translation and Intercultural Communication. Every year, globalisation means we consume content from all over the world that requires professional translators and interpreters. Therefore, after finishing your degree you will have several possibilities to find employment in various sectors.

Universidad Europea
What is aviation management? | Blog UE

Air transport has become a key factor for the world economy due to its contribution to trade and tourism in a globalised world. It is estimated that this sector generates approximately 3.5% of global GDP and employs 62.7 million people, as revealed by the European Transport and Logistics Council.

Universidad Europea
Nutritionist coach y el deporte| Blog UE

What is one of the most important factors that drives athletes besides a competitive spirit and sheer determination? Food. Nutrition is a critical factor that contributes to overall good health and athletic performance. Sports nutritionists advise athletes on eating habits that support these goals.

Universidad Europea
Herramientas de traducción | Blog UE

Many years have passed since the first translations from Greek into Latin by Cicero, Livio or Terence were made. Today, most translatorsare no longer hunched over thick dictionaries, but instead work with their eyes fixed on the computer. The new translation tools have streamlined and simplified this work thanks to technology.

Universidad Europea
Tipos de instalaciones en edificios | Blog UE

A home, office or shopping centre would not be functional without the core facilities. Although they do not attract attention aesthetically like other architectural elements, those infrastructures that allow connections throughout the building are essential to supply basic services to the people who are going to inhabit or use it.

Universidad Europea
Budget and financial management | Blog UE

Every business needs a roadmap. Not only do you need to know your target audience and be clear about your unique value proposition, but you also need to have good financial planning. Without a financial plan, it is difficult for a company to be successful in the long term or to overcome obstacles that appear along the way.

Universidad Europea
Cuáles son los diferentes tipos de periodismo | Blog UE

Journalism has evolved over time and even more so in recent years with the advancements in technology. Today, the news is delivered across a range of platforms and journalists in newsrooms across the world are expected to be multiskilled and multimedia.

Universidad Europea
Ramas de la psicología | Blog UE

The human mind is diverse and complex. For this reason, it is not surprising that, in psychology, the social science that is responsible for studying our mental processes and behaviours, various specialties have emerged to explain different aspects of human behaviours and treat certain pathologies.

Universidad Europea
What is counselling? | Blog UE

Coping with day to day is not always easy. Problems, setbacks and conflicts often arise that generate great discomfort, anxiety, and concern sometimes to the point where it starts affecting our performance and well-being. In these cases, it is not always necessary to seek psychotherapy, but a counselling process could help us deal with these changes in the best possible way.

Universidad Europea
Internet de las cosas en la vida cotidiana | Blog UE

Probablemente hayas escuchado el término " Internet de las cosas ( Internet of things o IoT en inglés)" de un amigo o compañero, leído en un artículo o visto en un anuncio. La definición de IoT es amplia y cubre mucha información.

Universidad Europea
Big Data en el fútbol | Blog UE

Si preguntas a cualquier aficionado al fútbol cuál ha sido el mayor cambio en el deporte durante los últimos años, muchos dirían seguramente el uso de la tecnología VAR - la Asistencia al Árbitro por Video ( "Video Assistant Referee" en inglés) para revisar distintas situaciones que se producen en un partido como pueden ser goles, penaltis y tarjetas rojas.

Universidad Europea
Cómo ser ojeador de fútbol: Requisitos y Consejos | Blog UE

Los aficionados de fútbol hablan y debaten mucho sobre qué jugadores deberían fichar sus clubes para que puedan ganar trofeos, ligas, Champions, subir división, etc pero siempre con el objetivo de reforzar y mejorar la plantilla. Pasamos muchas horas pensando no sólo en quién es el mejor jugador del mundo ahora, sino también quién será la futura estrella del equipo.

Universidad Europea
Cómo ser experto en ciberseguridad: requisitos y formación | UE

Vivir en una era digital en constante crecimiento significa que dependemos cada vez más de nuevas tecnologías y dispositivos conectados 24 horas al día. Como consecuencia, compartimos información y datos con empresas, gobiernos y otras organizaciones. La importancia de proteger esa información ha resultado en una nueva figura apareciendo en muchas organizaciones que tiene un papel vital: el experto en seguridad informática.

EDUCATION: The Global College

The Global College
TGC moves to France for Winter Campus - The Global College

Staff and students at enjoyed a week-long trip to France last week for the Winter Campus - an opportunity to learn in a new environment and hit the ski slopes for some fun. One of the core aims at TGC is to enable students to discover their own independence, develop their own passions, and learn in different environments outside of the classroom.

The Global College
Technology and education | The Global College

Many of the high-demand jobs that exist today were created in the last 10 to 15 years, according to a study carried out by the International Society for Technology in Education. Technology is the main driver behind digitization in the workplace and globalisations.

The Global College
Benefits of learning a new language

In an ever more globalised world - one in which there is increased competition for university places and on the job market - one way to really set yourself apart is by speaking different languages.

The Global College
Reasons to study in Madrid | The Global College

There is a famous Spanish phrase that goes "de Madrid al cielo" (from Madrid to heaven). For many, once you have lived in Madrid, there is no other place in the world that can compete. If you are considering a change and looking to further your horizons, maybe you can consider coming to study in Madrid.

SPORT: Adidas

All For Padel SL.
Metalbone Youth 3.2: The racket for tomorrow's padel legends

The new Metalbone 2023 collection once again shows why this range is a favourite choice of padel players around the world, including Ale Galan, because of the use of technology and other characteristics. But we do not just think about technology when it comes to designing rackets - we also need to think about who will be holding them on court.

All For Padel SL.
Ale Galán wins in Milan with his new Metalbone HRD 3.2

Ale Galán continues to amass victories. The adidas player and his teammate, Juan Lebrón, won the final Premier Padel tournament of the season played in Milan. In the final, they prevailed by a resounding 6-2, 6-2 against Víctor Ruíz and Lucas Bergamini.

All For Padel SL.
The Team rackets: the main novelties of the Metalbone 2023 collection

The launch of the Metalbone 2023 range is now a reality. With it, 7 new rackets are added to the adidas collection and new names arrive that we have never seen before in the family. This is the case of the Metalbone Team and the Metalbone W Team , two very attractive models.

All For Padel SL.
Metalbone launches 2023 collection, including Ale Galán's new racket

The 2023 collection of Metalbone rackets has been unveiled, including the one that will be used by world number one player and adidas athlete, Ale Galán . The Metalbone 2023 collection includes seven rackets, all featuring technology that will allow you to improve your game, no matter whether you prefer a more attacking style or taking a more controlled approach.

All For Padel SL.
Adipower Multiweight: the modifiable weight technology

The Adipower Multiweight and Adipower Multiweight CTRL rackets are the main arrivals in the new 2023 collection. Both have technology to distribute weights in different areas of the racket and modify their total weight and balance. Its name is Weight and Balance System.

All For Padel SL.
The different shapes of padel rackets

Padel rackets have character. It may seem like an exaggeration, but each and every one of its characteristics influences its behaviour. Each padel racket, with its particularities, acts differently. Among many of the features, one of the most important is the shape of the racket head.

All For Padel SL.
RX, Drive and Match launch completes the 2023 racket collection

The third and final launch of our 2023 collection has taken place today, Friday, December 9th, with the announcement of the new rackets in the RX, Drive and Match ranges. After the stellar arrival of the new Metalbone and Adipower 2023, ten very attractive rackets with diverse characteristics arrive to complete a spectacular collection.

All For Padel SL.
The parts of a padel racket

It is important to know what a padel racket is like and its different parts in order to understand its behaviour and know how to handle it on court. In this article, we'll explain the different elements that make up the padel racket and what function each one serves.

All For Padel SL.
Diabetes in padel tennis, with Álex Ruiz

Today is World Diabetes Day. To highlight this day, we wanted to share with you the day-to-day life of one of the best padel players in the world who suffers from this disease - Alex Ruiz . In the video, the player himself tells us how he manages his situation.

All For Padel SL.
The best adidas padel rackets for spin

One of the most complicated shots to execute in padel tennis is spin. Because of the precision it requires and the difficulty of controlling the ball, it is undoubtedly one of the most complex. But at the same time it is the most unpredictable and difficult for the opponent to respond to.

All For Padel SL.
Martita Ortega wins World Padel Championship with Spain

Marta Ortega has won the DP World Padel Championship in Dubai as Spain defeated Argentina to lift the title. It is the eighth time the Spanish women's team has won the title, and for adidas player, Martita Ortega , it is her second time.

All For Padel SL.
Alejandro Galan wins Menorca Open

Alejandro Galan and his double's partner, Juan Lebron, picked up their 7th title of the season on Sunday by winning the Menorca Open . The number one ranked pair defeated surprise package Ramiro Moyano y Xisco Gil, the 18th seeds, 6-4 4-6 6-2.

All For Padel SL.
Weight and Balance variables in adidas rackets

Padel rackets have their different advantages and, occasionally, shortcomings. But for all their features that players either prefer or not, rackets are not able to change their characteristics. That was until Weight and Balance System technology was developed that allows the adidas rackets that incorporate it to vary their weight and balance to adapt their behavior to the player's needs in each match.

All For Padel SL.
What materials are used to make padel rackets?

The material used in a padel racket is key to understand what characteristics it will have while being used during a match. Each component has its special features and contributes to what the racket is like as a whole.

All For Padel SL.
Padel Serve: types and tricks

Of all the technical and strategic aspects of our sport, the serve is one of those which generates the most debate amongst amateur players. "Coach, how do I do it? Sliced? Which way? Do I aim for the side wall or for the T in the court? At what speed should I serve?"

All For Padel SL.
The adidas power rackets 2022

Every padel racket is located within a spectrum between power and control. Depending on what each player is looking for, the characteristics of their game will be based on either one of these features. Of the multitude of rackets that make up the adidas catalogue in 2022 , in this article we focus on those that have been manufactured to achieve maximum power in our strokes.

All For Padel SL.
The rules of the padel tie-break

Today's post is aimed at those players who want to know more about the tie-break in padel - an exciting aspect of the sport when deciding a close set or match. Let's check out the main rules. It seems that whoever drew up the rules wanted to instill fear in the players, calling this game a tie-break or sudden death!

All For Padel SL.
10 essential padel strokes

Are you looking at ways to improve your all-round padel game? Unsure of what shot to use when on the attack or trying to defend? In this post, we'll look at the 10 best-known padel strokes that you perhaps can try the next time you step on court with your racket.

All For Padel SL.
Marta Ortega wins Amsterdam Open title

Marta Ortega has won the Amsterdam Open women's doubles title alongside her playing partner, Bea Gonzalez. The pair defeated the number one seeds, Paula Josemaría and Ariana Sánchez, in three sets (6-4, 2-6 and 6-1) in a spectacular final in the Dutch capital.

All For Padel SL.
Beach tennis: what it is and how to play it?

Do you enjoy going to the beach but being active at the same time? Then beach tennis may be the game for you. Increasingly widespread, beach tennis is a racket sport that, as the name reveals, is played on sandy beaches across the world.

All For Padel SL.
What is pickleball?

Pickleball is a sport that has been growing in popularity in recent years because of its appeal to players of all ages, but has actually been around for a long time. Around the world, millions of people play, with estimates suggesting 5 million people play on a regular basis in the US alone.

TELECOMS: Selectra

Selectra Australia
Find My Samsung: How to Track Your Lost Phone

Have you ever misplaced or lost your phone? Do you remember how you felt when it dawned on you that you can't live without it because it basically contains your life?

Selectra Australia
Foxtel Now Packages | Price & Plans Compared

Are you interested in Foxtel Now but unsure about what is on offer? Would you like more information about costs and plans? In this guide, we'll tell you all you need to know about Foxtel's streaming service, a rival to other services such as Netflix or Stan.

Selectra Australia
Disney Plus: Prices, Plans & What to Watch

Are you thinking about getting a subscription to Disney Plus but wondering if it's worth it? Want to find out more about what you can watch? In this guide, we'll provide you with all you need to know such as prices, plans, where to watch, and more about the Disney Plus Premier Access content.

Selectra Australia
Hayu On-demand Reality TV | All You Need to Know

Do you love watching reality TV shows? Fascinated with Keeping up with the Khardasians, Made in Chelsea or the Real Housewives of NYC? Hayu is a reality TV streaming service in Australia that offers more than 6,000 episodes across 200 different shows to watch on your TV, computer, tablet or mobile phone.


Smart meter guide: All you need know

As people are becoming more conscious about their electricity bills, particularly at a time of rising costs, more UK households are switching to smart meters. These devices, connected via a wireless network, allow you to control your gas and electricity use - information that is also shared with your energy provider.

Heat Pump: What are they and which should you choose?

With more people around the world becoming more conscious of global warming and their need to combat climate change, there is growing demand for eco-friendly alternatives to fossil fuels. Heat pumps are increasing in popularity in the UK because they offer an environmentally-friendly solution to heat homes and provide hot water, and save on electricity bills.

Mobile phone recycling UK: Guide to disposing of old phones

Smartphones and mobile phones are upgraded so often these days that most people probably have an old handset or two hidden away in a drawer at home. Mobile phones actually contain many different materials including plastic and metal which can be recycled. In the UK, there are actually many ways to recycle your old mobile phone.

ESG Criteria: Meaning, definition and examples in the UK

ESG is an acronym for Environmental, Social and Governance. It is used to identify companies that have implemented in their business strategy a series of values for raising awareness of environmental, social and governance issues so that these work in practice.

Solar tiles: Advantages, examples, and costs in the UK

As part of the energy transition, solar panels are increasingly common across the UK. The technology is becoming both more affordable and more efficient for producing renewable energy. However, an even newer technology, known as solar tiles, has gained popularity in recent times and is in some cases seen as an excellent alternative to conventional solar panels.

Carbon-neutral company: Meaning and examples in the UK

Climate change is one of the key issues facing us now and in the future. With natural disasters such as flooding, hurricanes, and drought becoming more frequent, a collective effort needs to be made to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Anaerobic digestion: What is it and how does it work?

As the world tackles global warming and the problems created by climate change, solutions need to be found to stop our dependency on fossil fuels. One such way to make the switch to more renewable energy is by using biogas? But how is that made?

IPCC climate report 2022 summary: The key findings

In August 2021, just three months ahead of the climate summit, COP26, in Glasgow, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published its sixth evaluation report. On the 4th of April 2022, the thrid part of the IPCC report has been published.

Carbon negative country: How can it be achieved?

The issue of climate change is one that is affecting every single one of us around the world. As global warming occurs, weather patterns are changing and events such as floods, hurricanes, and drought are becoming more frequent. Governments have made pledges to cut emissions and become carbon neutral by 2050, but is it possible to go one step further?

Carbon neutral in the UK: Meaning and examples

As people around the world have become more aware of global warming and climate change, governments and businesses are making pledges to reduce their carbon emissions and become carbon neutral by the middle of this century. But what does that mean exactly? And how can it be achieved?

Compare bikes: Bike reviews and price guide 2022

Bicycles are an excellent way to travel as well as being respectful of the environment. Are you thinking of buying a bicycle, but don't know which one to choose or where to start? Check out our comparison guide below with different types of bicycles, as well as our selection of best priced bikes for 2022.

Electric bike reviews UK 2022: Comparison and guide

Electric bicycles have become very popular in recent times. Faster than mechanical bikes, these bikes are now considered a truly eco-friendly means of transportation, while the car's carbon footprint is one of the main causes of global warming. Do you want to buy an electric bike, but you don't know which one to choose?

Green Energy UK: Are the tariffs expensive?

Are you looking for information about Green Energy UK (GEUK) tariffs? You've come to the right place. In this guide, we'll take a look at the tariffs on offer, what they include, and the reasons for choosing each one.

B Corp Certification in the UK: What is it?

Making a positive contribution to society by being, not the best in the world, but the best for the world, is the main mission of the 4,400 B Corp certified companies.

Cardboard recycling: Your guide on how to recycle cardboard

Cardboard, along with paper, is one of the easiest materials to recycle in the UK. Sorting and recycling cardboard means avoiding putting further strain on our planet's natural resources, and, therefore, reduces our carbon footprint. In this guide, find out all you need to know about recycling cardboard.

Solar panels UK: Definition, installation and efficiency

As we all become more conscious of the environment and climate change, more and more people are looking for sources of green energy to reduce our use of the world's natural resources. Solar energy is one way that many households and businesses in the UK are turning to.

Paper recycling: how to recycle paper at home?

Paper is one of the easiest materials to recycle. By sorting used paper and throwing it in the proper recycling bin, you preserve the planet's forests and natural resources. In this guide, we explain how to correctly recycle your paper waste, and reveal the benefits to the environment when you do.

Composting: What is it and how to start?

The main objective of composting is to reduce the volume of organic waste. By recycling domestic waste, carbon footprints and greenhouse gases are also reduced, whilst creating a 100% natural fertiliser. In this guide you will find all the tips you need to make the best compost and to learn how to use it correctly.

WWF UK: defending nature and reversing climate change

The aim of WWF is to fight against the degradation of the environment through conservation and awareness raising throughout the world. Currently, thousands of volunteers mobilise every day to act in favour of the planet, protect the environment, do their part to reverse climate change, and to build a future in which people live in harmony with nature.

Green Energy UK: Are the tariffs expensive?

Are you looking for information about Green Energy UK (GEUK) tariffs? You've come to the right place. In this guide, we'll take a look at the tariffs on offer, what they include, and the reasons for choosing each one.

Wind energy: All you need to know about wind power

As we become more aware of the climate crisis facing us and our environment, the need to find clean and renewable sources of energy rather than depend on the world's limited natural resources is becoming ever more important. One increasingly popular solution is wind power.

What is the IPCC and its reports about climate change?

The IPCC is an intergovernmental group of experts whose mission it is to objectively review the periodic evolution of global warming. Their reports are fundamental to alert decision-makers and to raise awareness in society. What does IPCC stand for?IPCC stands for Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Green Energy UK reviews: What do the consumers think?

Green Energy UK (GEUK) was the first green energy provider in the UK to sell 100% green electricity and biogas. First launched in 2001, the company is committed to providing clean energy, protecting the environment and UK wildlife. It remains the only green supplier across the UK to supply 100% biogas and often tops polls of best energy suppliers within the industry.

EcoAct and offsetting your carbon footprint

EcoAct is an international consulting company specialising in offsetting one's carbon footprint. Since 2005, it has helped companies preempt their energy transition by establishing specific strategies to reach ambitious climate objectives. Sommaire : A consulting firm committed to climate: What does EcoAct do? Supporting people and companies in their environmental outlook What is EcoAct's reputation?

Glass recycling: Your guide on how to recycle glass items

Recycling glass is one of the easiest ways to do your bit to help the environment. There are many advantages to recycling your glass containers and bottles, since it can be infinitely recycled without losing any of its properties or its original quality.

Circular economy: definition, examples and principles

The conservation of natural resources and waste reduction: this is the basis of the circular economy. This new economic model aims to rethink our production and consumption models to limit the waste of natural resources and to limit the production of waste. Sommaire : What is the circular economy?

Ecotricity reviews: What do customers think?

Ecotricity is a small energy supplier based in Stroud, Gloucestershire, that claims to be 'Britain's greenest energy supplier'. The company, which serves around 100,000 customers - both residential and businesses - was the first in the UK to offer 100% green electricity, sourcing its energy from wind, solar, and hydroelectric power.

Christmas tree recycling: What to do when Christmas is over

Homes up and down the country are preparing for Christmas right now, with presents being wrapped, lights and candles being lit, and Christmas trees going up and being decorated. But once the Christmas season is over and it comes to taking the decorations down, what should you do with the Christmas tree?

Good Energy Reviews: What do the consumers think?

Good Energy was the UK's first 100% renewable-electricity provider when it launched in 1999. The company, which has around 250,000 customers across the country, sources its electricity from sources such as solar, wind and hydro power. For the past eight years, Good Energy has worked alongside the National Trust on various renewable projects too.

Carbon Tax: Your guide to what is happening in the UK

As governments across the world look to find solutions as to how society deals with climate change, one key issue is that of a carbon tax. The idea behind it is to ensure that polluters are encouraged to focus more on alternative and green energy.

Eco-friendly houses: Characteristics, prices and examples

There are an increasing number of people in the UK who are more conscious of their environmental impact and wishing to take action. Building eco-friendly homes allows them to reduce their energy consumption as well as their carbon footprint. Sommaire : What is an eco-friendly house?

Energy transition in the UK: definition, challenges and the law

The energy transition is the significant challenge of the twenty-first century. It involves a structural transformation in the production and consumption models of energy. The scientific community encourages consumers and governments to complete this energy transition. This requires two large changes: reducing our energy consumption and changing the energy combination towards greener energy.

Desertification: Definition, consequences and challenges

As a result of inadequate agricultural practices and global warming, there is increasingly more land losing its biological, productive and financial potential and being degraded, a phenomenon known as desertification. In this article, we look into what desertification is, what its causes and consequences are and how to act against this phenomenon.

Permaculture: How to start an organic vegetable garden?

The planet's ecosystem balance is altered every day, with vegetable species being depleted even faster than animal species. Permaculture helps us to rethink our vital spaces as harmonious ecosystems rich in biodiversity, whilst meeting our need for aesthetics or food self-sufficiency. But, what is permaculture and how can we start an organic vegetable garden?

Organic farming: definition, advantages and logo

To guarantee a production method that respects the environment, biodiversity and animal welfare, organic farming is subject to very strict regulations. What are these ecological standards and the necessary ecological logo? And for what products? In this article, we'll explain about organic farming in the UK and how it helps the environment.

Hybrid cars: Your purchase guide for 2022

Hybrid cars are an alternative for drivers wishing to contribute to sustainable transport but who do not yet entirely trust 100% electric cars. Do you want to invest in a hybrid car, but aren't sure of which one to choose? Check our selection of the best hybrid cars for 2022 and find the model that best suits you.

COP26: What is it? What are the aims and goals?

Six years on from the Paris Agreement, the 26th edition of the Conference of the Parties (COP26) is being held in Glasgow. Leaders from around the world are meeting to agree what action needs to be taken on a global scale to tackle climate change, make the switch to green energy, and ensure commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are met.

Internet pollution: how can its impact be reduced?

Internet pollution is defined as all digital actions emitting greenhouse gases . In fact, this negative external use of new technologies tends to be unknown by consumers. Nevertheless, the digital world represents a substantial environmental impact and creates a large carbon footprint : 4% of all greenhouse gases.

Sustainable transport: What is it and why is it important?

Current habits of urban mobility in the UK are characterised by a continuous urban expansion because of a housing shortage and a dependency on cars. Sustainable transport arises in this context to reduce the negative impact associated with this increased urban mobility and in promoting more environmentally-friendly modes of transport.

Clothing recycling: How to recycle old clothing?

Fast fashion, when clothing brands renew their collections on a more frequent basis, encourages us to fill our cupboards with clothes that we never use, or that we use very rarely, and that we then get rid of.

Minimalism: the new lifestyle changing our daily lives

Living with less but having a better lifestyle, this is the philosophy behind minimalism. But, how do you become a minimalist? What are the different steps to attain a minimalist lifestyle and a minimalist household? What are the advantages and benefits of following a minimalist lifestyle?

Use-by date vs best-before date: meaning and difference

The UK produces the highest amount of food waste in Europe, according to research from Business Waste, with an incredible 9.4 million tonnes of food thrown away each year. And that's even though more than eight million people in the country are in food poverty.

The sharing economy: Definition, examples and advantages

The sharing economy has revolutionised current business models around the world. But what does it consist of and what are the benefits for our society? And what impact does a sharing economy have on the environment? In this article, we look into some examples of sharing economy platforms. Sommaire : What is the sharing economy?

Low-tech: Definition, meaning, and examples

A true accelerator of the ecological transition, low-tech is based on easy-to-use technologies with low environmental impact. This sustainable innovation allows us to explore new ways, complementary or even alternatives to high-tech products, and discover a new way of life that can also go a long way to helping tackle the problem of climate change.

Car CO2 emissions: How can you reduce your footprint?

The accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is one of the main causes of global warming. Transport, and cars in particular, is one of the main sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK. It is important to know the carbon footprint of your vehicle to reduce its impact on the environment.

CSR: What is corporate social responsibility?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) consists of voluntarily integrating the challenges of sustainable development into a company's strategy. CSR is, therefore, the responsibility a company takes towards looking after and improving society and the environment. In this article, we'll look at the corporate social responsibility definition, and give some CSR examples.

Solar Energy: Definition, Advantages and disadvantages

Using renewable energy instead of fossil fuels is key to sustainable development. Solar energy is becoming increasingly popular across the UK with more than one million households already relying on solar power. In this article, we'll look at some solar energy pros and cons and some solar energy facts.

Plastic recycling: Your guide on what plastics can be recycled

In recent years, plastic has become an integral part of our society. Characterised by a short cycle of use but a very long life cycle, plastic has negative impacts on the environment. In this guide, we explain all you need to know about plastic recycling such as can you recycle plastic bags, and what plastic can be recycled in the UK.

Aluminium recycling: how and why to recycle it?

Aluminium has been widely used for many years now as a container for food, drinks, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. Take a look around you and you will notice it everywhere in your day-to-day lives. It is used for cans, jars, coffee capsules, trays, etc. But how and why is it recycled?

Electric cars: Your comparison and buying guide 2022

As Britons become increasingly aware of their needs to change daily habits to help tackle climate change, more people are increasingly opting for electric cars and other sustainable means of transport. Are you thinking of investing in an electric car, but you don't know which one to choose?

Tyre recycling: Where to dispose of them?

The production and disposal of tyres is a problem for the environment due to their chemical composition. A large amount of energy is consumed in the manufacturing process of tyres and, once their useful life is over, they tend to end up in landfill without any type of treatment that produces a high level of pollution.

Is climate change real? Myths vs reality

You hear all sorts of things when it comes to the topic of the climate emergency and climate change facts. As a result, it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between fact and fiction. Here are five myths about global warming and its consequences on the environment.

Green Energy: advantages, examples, and suppliers

Green energy plays a key role in the energy transition due to its low environmental impact. It offers an alternative to non-renewable energy and helps fight global warming by not producing greenhouse gases or increasing carbon emissions. But what is green energy? What are its advantages? And how can you switch to it?

Electricity bill: How to reduce it?

Your electricity bill reflects the different concepts that you must pay for electricity supply during a billing period. However, by adopting good daily habits or even changing energy suppliers, you can significantly reduce energy consumption and thus save money. In this article, we explain how to reduce your electricity bill and how to understand it.

Climate change in the UK: Causes and how to stop it

Warmer and wetter winters, hotter and drier summers, more frequent and intense weather extremes... these are just some of the effects that climate change will have in the UK in the coming years. In this article, we'll look at the causes of climate change and what can be done to stop it.

Corporate governance: definition, strategies and examples

Although corporate governance is often associated with large publicly traded companies, small and medium-sized companies are also interested in this topic. In this article, we'll look at how to define corporate governance, what is good corporate governance and how to apply it within a company. Sommaire : What is corporate governance?

Greenhouse effect: Causes and consequences on the climate

The action of humans is principally responsible for the increase of the phenomenon known as the "greenhouse effect". Its consequences, including global warming, are very worrying for the planet. That is why it is essential to take action against greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustainable development: Definition, objectives and examples

Sustainable development represents the transition from today's society to a more environmentally friendly one. With the world facing a potential climate crisis - water shortages, drought, hunger, extreme weather - sustainable development goals are to ensure a commitment and balance between economic growth, preservation of the environment and social well-being.

Sustainable development: Definition, objectives and examples

Sustainable development represents the transition from today's society to a more environmentally friendly one. With the world facing a potential climate crisis - water shortages, drought, hunger, extreme weather - sustainable development goals are to ensure a commitment and balance between economic growth, preservation of the environment and social well-being.

How much CO2 does a tree absorb?

Trees are vital to our ecosystem. Often known as the 'lungs of the Earth', they play a key role in storing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. In addition, they are key to stabilising soil, and reducing air temperature, humidity, and flooding.

Global warming in 2022: causes and consequences

The Industrial Revolution is the tipping point at which greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions released into the atmosphere began to skyrocket. The world's population began to grow and the demand and production of energy increased (obtained mainly through fossil fuels), which gave rise to a new model of production and consumption.

Carbon footprint: Calculate, reduce and act for climate change

Every individual leaves a carbon footprint on the planet no matter what their lifestyle (energy consumption, activities carried out, etc). Learning how to calculate carbon footprint is the first step in reducing the negative impact generated by each person and goes a long way to help our collective efforts in tackling climate change.

Recycling: How to recycle at home?

Recycling is giving packaging a new life, reducing the consumption of raw materials and helping to eliminate waste. It is one of the easiest ways to combat global warming, since it avoids generating more pollution. In this article, we'll look at how to recycle, what steps you should take to reduce your household waste, and what the symbols mean on your recycling bins.

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Real Madrid News

Launched a website in 2013 dedicated to providing news, rumours, match reports and analysis of Real Madrid, for an English-speaking audience. It was approved and authorised by Real Madrid, and we had access to certain games as members of the press as well as opportunities to meet and interview staff and players. In it's prime, we had a team of 11 journalists writing for us. I wrote more than 3,000 posts myself and edited thousands more. We sold the website to a betting company in 2016....

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'Pint of beer for 21p is possible'

A West Bromwich licensee says he could lower beer prices to as little as 21p in a bid to beat off competition - but may have to dip into his own pocket to fund it. Last month, Belal Hussain began selling pints for 89p at the Marksman, West Bromwich.
Sky lands Stanford 20/20 cricket

Sky Sports has won the rights to show the inaugural Stanford 20/20 for 20 cricket match in the autumn. The winner-takes-all game between England and the Stanford Superstars on 1 November has a $20m prize - the biggest ever for a team sport contest.
Empty property tax relief support

MPs and trade leaders have added their support to the British Property Federation's (BPF) campaign for reversal of empty property tax. Association of Multiple Licensed Retailers communications director Kate Nicholls urged the Government to scrap the tax as pub owners have already been hit hard by the smoking ban and economic downturn.
89p a pint - but margin is only 2p

New licensee Belal Hussain is serving pints for 89p after buying in bulk to earn big brewery discounts. The landlord of the Marksman, in West Bromwich, has seen a full house at his pub every night since he opened at the beginning of July. The former trainee accountant said: "The deal has exceeded all my expectations.
Empty property tax outcry

The response to the campaign against empty property tax has been "phenomenal", with licensees among those showing their opposition. That's according to the British Property Federation (BPF), which is calling on licensees to provide evidence of effects of the tax. The BPF said the tax is crippling large and small businesses, including pubs.
Punch calls for rural rate relief

Punch Taverns says it is focusing on small and rural pubs in attempts to get reductions on business rates. These pubs have been hit hardest by the smoking ban, said property and strategy director Neil Griffiths. Applying for rate relief for pubs undergoing refurbishment is another priority, he said.
Bingeing: On and off-trade to blame

A new survey has revealed that consumers think the on and off-trade are both to blame for the ongoing problem of binge drinking in the UK. In a survey carried out by him! consultants, 44% blamed supermarkets for the problem, while 36% said pubs were at fault. Tom Fender, director of him!
Beer volumes down 9%

On-trade beer volumes fell 9% in the first five months of 2008, compared to the same period last year, new Nielsen figures show. There was better news for cask ale, which experienced a relatively small decline of 1.3%. Overall volumes of long drinks were down 8%.