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Patricia Conte

Marketing Communications Consultant

Location icon United States

Patricia Conte is a marketing communications and digital media professional with experience as a writer/editor and account manager for clients including those in healthcare, higher education, nonprofit organizations, and food and consumer products. She also operates her own website where she partners with brands as an influencer, and works on her own to deliver mouthwatering recipes and original, vibrant images.

You'll find Patricia with pencil and paper, her laptop, and even her camera to develop imaginative and compelling content. She engages new audiences via social media, creates headlines that pop, brochures that shine, and website copy that tells a story.

Ad Strategies Website Blog
4 Recruitment Tools to Help Reach Your 2018 Goals

This blog post was written for Ad Strategies, a recruitment marketing agency that helps companies market their employer brand. Potential and existing clients can visit the blog to read about the latest in hiring trends and recruitment marketing. "You’ve got your job cut out for you in the year ahead. According to Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder, 'More job creation, higher voluntary employee turnover and intensified...' Read more.

Website Content

LinkedIn | Life Pages for Freedom Financial Network
Love What You Do. Love Where You Work.

The Freedom Financial Network LinkedIn Life pages were created to attract prospective job candidates, drive recruitment, and build the company's employer brand. These pages reveal what daily work life is like at Freedom Financial.

The Pogue Center Website
The Pogue Center Cosmetic Facial and Oral Surgery & Medspa

I created website content to detail the cosmetic and oral surgery procedures offered to prospective patients, along with medical staff bios, service descriptions, retail products, blog content, and the tagline for the Center, "Let Our Experience Guide You," used on all branded material.

Ads & Flyers

Maricopa Integrated Health System Ad
You're Ready for MIHS

This recruitment ad for Maricopa Integrated Health System (MIHS) encourages prospective employees to discover opportunities to make a difference in the communities served by MIHS.

The Pogue Center Flyer
The Liquid Facelift

The Liquid Facelift was a new offering at The Pogue Center. I created the copy for this flyer - a piece prospective patients could take with them to learn more about the procedure.

The Pogue Center Flyer
Meet the Aesthetics Team

I created flyers for each aesthetics team member as in-office print pieces for patients to take home to learn more about the medical staff. Each flyer included staff bios and conversational quotes to fit each person's personality.

Personal Business Website, Social & Collateral Material

Grab a Plate Website
Discover This Simple, Traditional Italian Dish That's Perfect for a Special Meal

Grab a Plate is a website I created in 2011 to share food stories, photography, and recipes. I continue to grow the site, which generates approximately 25,000 unique monthly views. I manage operations and creative for the site to include editorial content and photography. This is a recipe post I created: Spaghetti alle Vongole (Spaghetti with Clams), is a traditional Italian dish that is easy to make with simple ingredients. It's a fabulous addition to a special dinner.

Grab a Plate Website Facebook Page
Grab a Plate Facebook Page

My Grab a Plate Facebook page is a social media companion to the website. This Facebook business page reaches 27,000+ followers. I monitor and engage in daily conversations, build community, answer questions, and provide content for my followers.

Get to Know Patricia Conte and Grab a Plate
Grab a Plate Media Kit

I often work with consumer brands as an influencer, developing social campaigns with the goal to connect brands with new audiences and to expand their social reach. Brands will often request information about me and my site, along with rates for specific work. I created this to share with prospective partners.

Website Feature Articles

Brit + Co Website
Get the Scoop on Cat Poop Coffee (Yes, It's a Real Thing)

This was a fun article I researched, wrote, and photographed for as a featured article. If you're a coffee lover and into the latest trends around the world, maybe you've tried cat poop or weasel coffee? It's somewhat rare, and has become quite coveted lately. Read more!

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