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Paris Womack

Editor, Film Producer

Location icon United States of America

I have a passion for creating and producing media. Whether it’d be putting together a music video or creating a documentary, I can promise the result will always be of my best efforts. My strengths include my knowledge of how to use Adobe Premiere Pro and have experience in shooting film projects. I have a long history with handling film equipment and know all of the fundamentals of producing excellent camera work as evidenced by the film projects I’ve worked on that can be found on my website.


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Me as a person, I can act appropriately, dress appropriately, and speak appropriately, so you wouldn't have to worry about rather or not I would be a good face of the company. I am very emotionally stable and like bettering myself through my work.

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I don't know. My friends post their artistic achievements online so I thought to do it too. My little art dump blog It's a work in progress...

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