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Don't Sleep on NIGHT : SHIFT * FRANK151

The Los Angeles home decor brand NIGHT : SHIFT is looking to switch up the sleep game with their imaginative collection of comforter sets, woven blankets, and throw pillows. They're trying to level up bedrooms with designs that reference everything from Coogi sweaters, to the pastel boating life, to the graphics on stand up arcade games from the 1980s.

Stay Fresh Air Fresheners Don't Stink * FRANK151

You know that boring old green pine tree-shaped thing that's hanging from your rearview mirror? It's time to toss it in the trash and give your stank-ass car an update with Stay Fresh, a wild new line of custom air fresheners.

Is Taking an Uber to Tijuana a Political Statement? * FRANK151

The ride-sharing service Uber recently the launch of its UberPASSPORT program, which will take customers on the 20-mile trip from San Diego to Tijuana. UberPASSPORT will not, however, give rides traveling from Mexico into the United States.

Buy a Print of Kanye West Making Out With Himself * FRANK151

Do you love Kanye? Do you love Kanye as much as Kanye loves Kanye? Do you love Kanye so much that you want to own a piece of art that captures how much Kanye loves Kanye? Or do you love Kanye so much that you'd pay $100,000 to destroy a piece of art that teases Kanye for loving Kanye so much?

Meet the Muralists of POW! WOW! Long Beach * FRANK151

Last week the international mural festival returned to Long Beach, California. This celebration of art and music enlivened walls throughout the city with vibrant large-scale murals by artists from all around the world. We went on a hunt around Long Beach-from the one-way streets of downtown to the East Village arts district-to speak with some of the participating muralists and find out the ideas behind their work.

Gil Veni Vici Opens Up His Mind * FRANK151

The model known as Gil has become a fixture in streetwear lookbooks, on Instagram, and at the intersection of Fairfax and Rosewood. Before any of that, he grew up riding dirtbikes and hustling in LA's El Sereno neighborhood.

Viva La Puppet Still Pulls the Strings * FRANK151

Viva La Puppet is a puppet shop in Los Angeles that continues to find new ways to innovate in the world of traditional puppetry. The company's clients range from Super Deluxe, to JC Penny, to Comedy Bang! Bang!.

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