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Hello there. Welcome to my little corner of the Internet. I'm Paolo. I am a 23 year-old student and I study English Literature at the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, ON, Canada. Born in the Philippines and raised in Canada, I have various interests which include English and American Literature, Digital Design, Cooking (but mostly the eating part), and Fashion. I am especially interested in writing editorials about both Food and Fashion because that's what I generally consume most of the time when I'm online. And also because it's pretty neat writing about things that you are passionate about.

So, why create this portfolio, you ask? To showcase my creative and writing capabilities, of course! This is how millennial's market themselves nowadays, so I thought, why not me? Everyone has their own personal social media accounts where they share, let's just say, 'satirical' content that may or may not get them in trouble. So, I wanted a medium where I can share my more creative side! I also wanted to share with you what I created with eight other bright and savvy individuals like myself in my last term of University under our mock company name, type. , and yes, the full-stop is aesthetically necessary! So, come along! Read a little bit of what I had to write about Waterloo, ON, and its many bubble tea shops. My poetry and translations. Also, if you are hiring, why not take a peek at my mock resume? All these things and more await you, dear Reader. Enjoy!



by Paolo Arroyo
ENGL 210E Mock Resume Assignment

For this assignment, I had to create a mock resume for a open Technical Writer position at start-up business called Sortable.


by Paolo Arroyo
Céline vs. Celine: On Colour

A short essay on the new Celine under the direction of Hedi Slimane. I discuss the departure of Phoebe Philo, her affluence to how she styled the Céline woman in comparison to Slimane, and how colour is presented by both fashion designers.


by type. (Amer Hamza, Neha Ravella, Sara Kohan, Gillian Hart, Phillip Luong, Lily Huang, Maddy Leadbetter, Paolo Arroyo)
type. Student Handbook for Incoming University of Waterloo Students

For this final assignment, I was given the task of Editor in Chief and was responsible for, well, editing! I also had a hand on multiple parts of the handbook which include the Welcome Letter, and several of the "type.Fave5s" opinion pieces. I also had attendance and script responsibilities during our group meetings.

by type. (Amer Hamza, Neha Ravella, Sara Kohan, Gillian Hart, Phillip Luong, Lily Huang, Maddy Leadbetter, Paolo Arroyo)
type. Student Handbook Presentation

Slides from our presentation that was in front of a University panel. I was responsible for showcasing the more opinionated pieces of the Handbook.

by Paolo Arroyo
"Mi Ultimo Adios" Poetry Dossier

A culmination of texts which include my own personal translation, description, and rendition of José Rizal's Spanish poem, "Mi Último Adiós". This assignment was for a Seminar course I took in my fourth year of studies at University.

By Paolo Arroyo, Anita Meng, Alysha Hills
Princess Cinemas Advertisement Campaign

A final project where I had to collaborate with others to create an advertisement campaign for the Princess Cinemas here in Waterloo ON. We had to advertise there no-frills and gimmicks approach to cinema with a combination of Print and Subvertisement adverts.

Book Reviews

by Paolo Arroyo
Book Review for Lara Campbell's "Respectable Citizens"

A book review of Lara Campbell's, "Respectable Citizens". A telling of family dynamics during the Great Depression is discussed, albeit with shoddy evidence in which I discuss further in my review.

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