P. Arthur O'Driscoll

Writer & Narrative Designer

United States

Patrick Arthur O'Driscoll was born and raised in a dark and terrible place called Missouri. He developed a passion for stories at a very young age thanks to a colorful cocktail of influences ranging from Neil Gaiman and Gail Simone to Michael Kirkbride and Brennan Lee Mulligan.

Patrick graduated from Southeast Missouri State University with a bachelor's in media writing and a master's in creative writing. Filled with dining hall pizza he made a cocoon out of student debt invoices he completed his thesis and began a career as a professional script writer, journalist, and Narrative Designer.

His work has been featured in Den of Geek Magazine, Gamerzy, and his fiction is featured in Necronauts Toy's anthology "Necronauts: Sightings" and an upcoming issue of "Eldritch Tales." He also writes for games like the hit indie MMORPG, "Genfanad."

He has also written YouTube videos, educational blogs, creative copy, web-comics, and short films.

Currently he works as a freelancer, but is open to more stable work.


Works Published

Long Meng

Inspired by taoist philosophy and the Zhuangzi, Long Meng is a dream exploration game featuring light horror elements and a dream world that changes based on your decisions. The full release of the game is currently under development, but a demo has been put together for submission to LSDJAM 2022-2023.

Genfanad - Home

I had the privilege of writing and designing quests as a designer for Genfanad, a lovely fantasy-comedy MMORPG inspired by games like Runescape and the writings of humorists like Terry Pratchett.

Guinea Pig Games

I had the immense pleasure of writing fiction and creative copy for Burgerpunk, a satirical dark-scifi RPG set in a deep-fried-dystopia dreamed up by cartoonist Jeff Martin.

Eldritch Tales Magazine
A Mother's Love

Written as part of Eldritch Tales comic anthology, 'A Mother's Love' is a horror-fantasy twist on an ancient Celtic fairytale. Expect to find it lurking in the lastest issue, q3 2023!

Necronauts: Sightings
The First Eidolon

The First Eidolon is a science-fiction wartime drama written as part of the Necronauts universe. Originally intended to be a one-off origin story for the toyline's main characters, this comic has inspired a new line of toys coming later this year. I had the immense pleasure of collaborating with New Blood artist Jacob Mcmanamy (Dusk, Grimwood.) And this was one of my first times writing a published work in an official canon.

Game Writing & Narrative Design

Genfanad by Rose Tinted Games
Quest Design and Narrative Outline

An example of the quest design formats I used while working for Genfanad. Tonally, the game was heavily inspired by fantasy-comedies like the Discworld series.

Chivalric Games
Linear Cutscene Dialogue

This was a script for some more linear cutscenes. It was designed to be a bit darker, tonally. CW: Blood, alchohol mention.

Speculative Projest
Faction Profile

This is a spec peice for a narrative design exercise. I wanted to create a standard three-paragraph faction outline and some single-paragraph subfactions.

Game Journalism

Den of Geek
Why Morrowind Is Still The Best Fantasy World in Gaming

Features Over 20 years after its debut, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind's world-building set a fantasy standard that may never be surpassed. You dream of scorched vistas. A mysterious voice resonates through your fitful dreams, ensuring you that you are being watched.

Gamerzy Magazine
Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Review: Corruption Within - Gamerzy Magazine

Coming fresh their success with their hoard-shooting Vermintide series, Fatshark swaps the grimy renaissance-inspired fantasy of their previous titles for techno-gothic dystopia with Warhammer 40,000: Darktide. The game offers a strong, satisfying gameplay loop that will satisfy your inner space-crusader. And with a bit of polish, this could be Fatshark's best title yet.

Gamerzy Magazine
Ikonei Island: An Adventure Indie Game That's Almost Paradise - Gamerzy Magazine

In the veritable ocean of survival-crafting indie games flooding the Steam catalog, it often takes something special to really stand out from the crowd. Valheim, for example, used lo-fi graphics and robust combat while Subnautica used its deep-sea environment to force players into thinking with three dimensions.

Gamerzy Magazine
Deep Rock Galactic Season 3 Promises Bombs, Bugs, and Blights! - Gamerzy Magazine

Deep Rock Galactic's third season is fast approaching, and with it, the developers at Ghost Ship Games have begun to show off footage of new environments, new enemies, and new grenades to blow up said enemies. In the last two seasonal updates, players battled robots sent after them by a mysterious rival company.



OctoNation - The Largest Octopus Fan Club!
What do Cats & Octopus Have in Common?

Do octopus have tongues? Simply put, yes, they do! But like everything else about our eight-armed sea buddies, they're much more impressive than you think! Read on, and you'll learn what an octopus, a garden snail, and your cat all have in common! When it comes to finding dinner, the octopus has it tough.