P. Arthur O'Driscoll

Writer & Narrative Designer

United States

I love what I do. And you'll love it, too!

I'm a professional writer with over four years of experience working on Cartoons, Comics, Video Games, and more. Currently, I am a freelance writer for Rose Tinted Games, where I design quests and write dialogue for their MMORPG, Genfanad! I have also done work for Serpent Sea, Guinea Pig Press, and more.
My writing has been featured on Den of Geek and Eldritch Tales Magazine. I'm currently open to commissions, freelance work, or full-time employment.


Video Games and Tabletops

Genfanad- Quest Designer

I had the privilege of writing and designing quests as a designer for Genfanad, a lovely fantasy-comedy MMORPG inspired by games like Runescape and the writings of humorists like Terry Pratchett.

Guinea Pig Games
BURGERPunk - Social Copywriter & Creative Writer

He stumbled into town one day, smeared with blood and greasepaint. Mothers clutched their children and made the sign of The King as he passed, but I’d never been one for superstition. I welcomed him, as I do all my patrons, with a soft bench, a drink, and a burger. “Honkabout,” he called it. A tradition among the Children of Ronald. A punishment. A pilgrimage.

Long Meng - Narrative Designer

I had the immense privilege of working as a narrative designer for this surreal, dreamlike, lo-fi horror game that dives into the dream-world of a landscaper working through immense and seemingly cyclical grief. The full release of the game is currently under development, but a demo has been put together for submission to LSDJAM 2022-2023.


Eldritch Tales Magazine
A Mother's Love

"You know what the most important thing you can be is? It's not being strong or smart. It's being understood. If people understand you, then they can like you. And if they like you, they'll do anything you ask. But if they don't, you will die alone, unloved. Is that what you want?"

Necronauts: Sightings
The First Eidolon

"Bloodless, Deathless, Fighting like devils. Had I perished in the Somme? Had this war, like cancer, spread to hell itself?"

Game Writing & Narrative Design

Genfanad by Rose Tinted Games
Quest Design and Narrative Outline

When the king of a fantasy realm fails to pay his stonemasons, the player must work with the rebellious princess to form the realm's first labor union. The quest for worker's writes will take the player on a journey filled with giant spiders, a cult of weightlifters, and a troll patisserie!

Speculative Projest
Faction Profile

“Absolution is material, shaped by duty and inlaid with faith.” This is a spec piece for a narrative design exercise. I wanted to create a standard three-paragraph faction outline and some single-paragraph sub factions.

Journalism and Features

Den of Geek
Why Morrowind Is Still The Best Fantasy World in Gaming

Features Over 20 years after its debut, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind's world-building set a fantasy standard that may never be surpassed. You dream of scorched vistas. A mysterious voice resonates through your fitful dreams, ensuring you that you are being watched.

Gamerzy Magazine
Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Review: Corruption Within - Gamerzy Magazine

Coming fresh their success with their hoard-shooting Vermintide series, Fatshark swaps the grimy renaissance-inspired fantasy of their previous titles for techno-gothic dystopia with Warhammer 40,000: Darktide. The game offers a strong, satisfying gameplay loop that will satisfy your inner space-crusader. And with a bit of polish, this could be Fatshark's best title yet.

Gamerzy Magazine
Ikonei Island: An Adventure Indie Game That's Almost Paradise - Gamerzy Magazine

In the veritable ocean of survival-crafting indie games flooding the Steam catalog, it often takes something special to really stand out from the crowd. Valheim, for example, used lo-fi graphics and robust combat while Subnautica used its deep-sea environment to force players into thinking with three dimensions.

Blogs, Videos, and Social Media

OctoNation - The Largest Octopus Fan Club!
What do Cats & Octopus Have in Common?

Educational writing is a unique challenge. You have to maintain factual content, but you can't be too dry. And there's a lot of fun in the challenge of breaking complex ideas down into something simple.