Kathryn (Katie) Clark

Freelance Writer/Wellness Blogger/Retired Teacher

United States

I am a freelance writer. I write articles that connect personally. Currently, I write about my wellness journey with Fibromyalgia. Also, I write about outdoor adventures in Newaygo County as well as events in my community. I intend to start writing more about the teaching experience with the focus on building up the teaching profession and fortifying teachers.

What's Good Enough?-Acceptance to Eliminate Shame

So, I have a confession, it's one I'm making to myself and to you if you're reading this. I am a fair-weather accepter. I have been working on acceptance of my life with fibromyalgia. To get there, I have been meditating every day and have gone back to counseling.

Breast Pain and Fibromyalgia

Since developing breasts at 13 years old, they have hurt. I've mostly ignored it, however, until this past month when this pain became a nagging nuisance. Breast pain is not something I've ever talked about with others except the time I got mastitis when breastfeeding and when I was weaning from breastfeeding.

Newaygo County Exploring
Winter Wanderings: Newaygo County's Trails - Newaygo County Exploring

I first learned to love cross-country skiing during my senior year of high school after befriending a Norwegian exchange student named Ingvar. My first trip out was perfection. A snow day from school and the type of snow globe snow falling through the trees onto us as we glided through the trails.

What's a Full Life? Quest to Living FULLY Despite the Pain

There was a serenely clear, winter night sky this past Sunday in Michigan. My husband and I dashed through the chilly air to soak our aching bodies in the hot tub looking over the lake. As we sat down, we tilted our heads to view the brilliant stars through the pine trees that looked like they'd been painted on the deepest of black canvases.

Newaygo County Exploring
Traipsing Through the Winter Woods - Newaygo County Exploring

I am in love with Newaygo County. We've lived here three years now and keep discovering hidden treasures. If you love to be out in nature as my husband and I do, then each season brings new adventures and experiences. I did not think snowshoeing sounded like much fun.

Near North Now
A Family Affair

Walking backstage of Dogwood Center for the Performing Arts, props for the upcoming Summer Youth Theater presentation are scattered around. As I look them over, Marianne Boegeter, Dogwood's Executive Director, laughs as I point out the plastic hotdogs among the old fashioned fake food items. "I don't know what hotdogs have to do with Tom Sawyer," she states.

Near North Now
Foster Grandparent Volunteers Appreciated Every Day

Four current volunteers- Photo by Chelsea Clark On this snowy morning, first-grade students wander into the classroom after hanging up their coats, snow pants, and backpacks. Their classroom Foster Grandma is there to greet them gathering up hugs and morning stories. She reminds them to order their lunch and get ready for the day to start.