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What Does the Future of Photography Look Like?

Some 95 million photos are shared on Instagram each day - of sunset boulevards, snow-swept mountains, and flash-lit faces. Sorting through this sea of images can become quickly overwhelming. Helpfully, London-based publisher MACK's First Book Award, announced annually during Photo London at Somerset House, celebrates the emerging photographers we should be training our lenses on.

This Atlas Charts Brutalist Buildings the World Over

When British architecture critic Rayner Banham first popularised the concept of a ' New Brutalism' in his famous 1955 essay, he described these bulky and often colossal concrete buildings as an 'ethic' rather than an aesthetic.

Watch a tender short film that gets beneath the facepaint of the Juggalos

Once a year, the gently rolling fields of Thornville, Ohio play host to one of the world's largest and most boisterous carnivals: the Annual Gathering of the Juggalos. The event is a convention for fans of American horrorcore rap duo Insane Clown Posse, whose attendees deck themselves out in cargo shorts, basketball vests, and blanch-white face paint.