Michaela Dehaney

Content Writer

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In 2015, I initiated the course of action to use the simplest resources around me for inspiration to produce content. Since then, as a freelancer, I have exercised my ability to be versatile; however, my most recent projects have surrounded SEO focused content.This includes web content, B2B Marketing, Landing pages and social media marketing. I encompass a natural interest in researching various topics to contribute to ideas. My attitude towards my career is a professional one; however, my insight to it is more than a structured duty. Admittedly I endeavour to gain success but the given opportunity to use my skills to contribute to the success of an establishment is also satisfying.

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Dear Apple,

Make Enough "Pad" For Everyone! I inaudibly chuckled to myself as my palate savoured a fraction of modesty after the words, "We've technologically advanced" left my mouth. Admittedly the statement was coy and possibly tiresome to my co-worker's ears. Following the acknowledgement of the cold shoulder that I was giving the immense development within technology,...

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Programmatic Advertising Improves

A little homework never hurt The immense development within the programmatic advertising system is proof that B2B marketers' desires have been taken into account. For quite some time, B2B marketers were reluctant to go ahead with the automated advertising system in result of it's features not being in alignment with their objectives.

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Disrupting The Status QUO

Dig deeper You may have read more than once that disrupting the status quo is an important skill to develop where the attempt to closing a sale is concerned. If this is news to you, don't feel intimidated as it is quite easy to simplify. Customers often prefer to put the transaction on pause....


Fix Me
SEO plan using Long-Tail keywords

I edited the keywords used in an SEO plan. Replacing the generic keywords with Long-Tail keywords resulted in 9 more clicks in Google search results.

Fix Me Daily Hair Moisturiser
Web content

I produced the content for the product description section of this website.

New Skills Academy
Landing page

I produced SEO focused content for a Landing page to entice people to sign up to a Level 3 Fitness Diploma Course.

The Power of The Mind and Our Thoughts

Various studies conducted by cognitive neuroscientists show that only 5% of our cognitive activities are conscious and the remaining 95% is generated in a non-conscious manner. This fact reveals how much control our non-conscious thoughts have over us and the choices we make.

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