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Writes for love, labour, and coin. Words in Passion of the Weiss, Stereogum, Okayplayer, IQ, Bandcamp, Little White Lies, Crack, NME, Fanbyte, Yahoo, & more.

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Mdou Moctar: one of the world's most exciting and important rock bands

Had the privilege of interviewing one of the world's most exciting and important rock bands in Mdou Moctar, whose meteoric rise hasn't stopped their humanitarian efforts in their homeland and beyond. We spoke about their new album Funeral for Justice, the situation in Niger, being compared to Hendrix and Van Halen, and loads more...

Passion of the Weiss
The POW Best Albums of 2023

For Passion of the Weiss' list of 2023's best albums (of any genre), I waxed poetic on one of the year's waviest releases in RXK Nephew & Harry Fraud's kaleidoscopic 'LIFE AFTER NEPH'

Passion of the Weiss
The POW Best Rap Songs of 2023

For Passion of the Weiss' list of 2023's best rap songs, I looked back on Florida-raised, LA-based YUNGMORPHEUS breaking "Cassava Bread" with Fly Anakin

IQ Magazine
European Festival Report | IQ Magazine

For the 2023 edition of IQ magazine's European Festival Report, I interviewed several festival heads and industry experts on the pros and cons of offering VIP ticketing packages (requires a subscription to read)

We've Got A File On You: Chuck D

In a personal career highlight, I got Chuck D to reflect on several moments that dotted the lines of his legendary career, such as Spectrum City, Public Enemy's iconic 1987 London gig, launching Rapstation, Prophets of Rage, and more

We've Got A File On You: DJ Shadow

I spoke to DJ Shadow about his seventh solo album Action Adventure, as well as his pre-Mo' Wax days, working with Thom Yorke, Richard Ashcroft, and Wong Kar-wai, his DJ Hero mixes, and much more

IQ Magazine
Global Arena Guide 2023 | IQ Magazine

For the 2023 edition of IQ Magazine's Global Arena Guide, the definitive reference on arenas hosting live music and entertainment, I reported on a multitude of European, Middle Eastern, and South American territories — each featuring insights from a range of directors, arena operators, and other industry experts (requires a subscription to read)

Bandcamp Daily
The Second Life of Dur-Dur Band (International)

For my Bandcamp debut, I wrote about Dur-Dur Band — a group that was at the core of Somalia's disco-laden Golden Era, and their second coming: a revival group formed in exile, who've released the 1st album of new material by Somali artists in over 30 years

IQ Magazine
International Ticketing Report 2023 | IQ Magazine

Profiled ten of the 40+ territories (including interviews with company heads, promoters, and other industry insiders) covered in the 2023 edition of IQ Magazine's International Ticketing Report, which has been the only global guide to the live entertainment ticketing market since 2015 (requires a subscription to read)

Baaba Maal - digital programme | Barbican

I caught up with legendary Senegalese singer Baaba Maal about community, connection, and 'Being' — his first album in seven years — before his May 30th, 2023 concert at the Barbican

Moor Mother: Jazz Codes - digital programme | Barbican

I spoke with Philadelphia-based poet, musician, activist, visual artist, community educator, and Afrofuturist Moor Mother before her May 20th, 2023 gig at the Barbican, where she's set to perform her newest record Jazz Codes

Beef: Netflix road rage series is one of the year's best

Beef cooks. For Yahoo, I reviewed Netflix's sharp dramedy — featuring career-best turns from Steven Yeun and Ali Wong — which starts off as a road rage revenge tale before descending into chaos and complex themes

IQ Magazine
Touring Entertainment Report 2023 | IQ Magazine

Wrote a comprehensive guide on the post-pandemic state of the theatre & musicals sector for IQ Magazine's inaugural Touring Entertainment Report, featuring interviews with numerous producers, promoters, directors, and other industry experts (requires a subscription to read)

The Diplomats' 'Diplomatic Immunity' Turns 20

For my Stereogum debut, I wrote about the the Diplomats' timeless mixtape-of-sorts 'Diplomatic Immunity' as it approaches its 20th anniversary, and explored why the Harlem group's timeless opus and the Dipset movement were "more than just music"

Passion of the Weiss
The POW Best Rap Songs of 2022

For Passion of the Weiss' list of 2022's best rap songs, I wrote about Cash Cobain's wavy sample drill anthem "SLIZZY LIKE"

Why you need to watch 'The Bear' on Disney+

With The Bear finally making its way to UK audiences on Disney+, I reviewed 2022's best new show for Yahoo! and argued the case for more TV dramas set in high-octane restaurants

Gustavo Santaolalla - Digital Programme | Barbican

I interviewed Gustavo Santaolalla in the build-up to his July 23rd, 2022 concert at the Barbican Centre, in which we spoke about a career that has seen him blaze a trail in Latin music and win back-to-back Academy Awards for composing Brokeback Mountain and Babel

Crack Magazine
Danger Mouse & Black Thought: 'Cheat Codes' review

I reviewed Danger Mouse & Black Thought's long-awaited collab record, a lush yet unrelenting record that stands out among the many excellent records leading the revival of socially-aware rap in 2022.

Passion of the Weiss
The Nicholas Craven Essentials

I wrote about the talented Quebec producer Nicholas Craven, who's logged credits with the likes of Griselda, Roc Marciano, Mach-Hommy, and many more of the underground's sharpest rappers

How 'Donnie Brasco' paved the way for 'The Sopranos'

In my debut for Yahoo's Film section, I look back on Mike Newell's Donnie Brasco, an often under-appreciated classic that paved the way for grounded portrayals of the mob since it was first released 25 years ago

Passion of the Weiss
The POW Best Albums of 2021

For Passion of the Weiss' list of 2021's best albums (of any genre), I wrote about Alfa Mist's 'Bring Backs'

Passion of the Weiss
The POW Best Rap Songs of 2021

For Passion of the Weiss' list of 2021's best rap songs, I wrote about Boldy James & The Alchemist's "First 48 Freestyle"

Alfa Mist | Barbican

I interviewed Alfa Mist in the build-up to his December 4th, 2021 concert at the Barbican Centre, in which we discussed his latest album 'Bring Backs' and the influences behind his acclaimed project

Little White Lies
In defence of Halloween: Resurrection

My defence of (arguably) the most criticised entry in the whole Halloween franchise - a mess of a film which still manages to satirise celebrity & exploitation, while foreshadowing mass media trends nearly 20 years on from its release

WWE's War on Terror

I wrote about the WWE's relationship with the War on Terror, which began as an earnest tribute to America before often regressing into rabid jingoism and offensive stereotyping in the 20 years since 9/11

Crack Magazine
Rejjie Snow - 'Baw Baw Black Sheep' review

I reviewed Rejjie Snow's second studio album: a blissful effort that fluidly blends hip hop and R&B into his attempt at crafting a joyously cinematic soundtrack

After Bad Bunny, WWE Has No Excuse Not to Embrace Hip Hop

I wrote about how Bad Bunny's stellar showing at WrestleMania 37 was a rare instance of WWE not dropping the ball on being trendy, and how the company needs to take heed of hip hop's deep love of pro wrestling for it's own good

Crack Magazine
Mdou Moctar - 'Afrique Victime' review

I reviewed Mdou Moctar's latest album 'Afrique Victime', a scorching record that cements him as one of the world's most exciting guitarists right now

Passion of the Weiss
The Pick of the Litter: "Bout Shit"

For Passion of the Weiss' DMX tribute series, I wrote about one of his last musical contributions after a ten-month prison stint, reuniting with The LOX and proving how much he had left in the tank before tragedy struck

Crack Magazine
Alfa Mist - 'Bring Backs' review

I reviewed Alfa Mist's latest album 'Bring Backs', a hypnotic love letter to London and more evidence that the UK has the most exciting jazz scene in the world right now