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B2C/B2B Direct-response Sales Copywriter for FinTech SaaS businesses


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Creo copy de venta directa y artículos "evergreen" optimizados para MiPyMEs desde la plataforma de Upwork. Durante los dos últimos años, he colaborado en el ecosistema de tecnología y apps de la nube para empresas en el mercado anglosajón. También he aparecido en revistas y blogs de contabilidad, tecnología y negocios como el Acuity Magazine, los XBert's Blogs, y el blog de G-Accon.

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I am a top-rated talent creating long-form business articles on the Upwork marketplace. I have been collaborating and writing for solo entrepreneurs in the accounting and technology ecosystem for the last two years. I have also been featured in Accounting and Business magazines and blogs such as Acuity Magazine and XBert's Blogs.

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G-Accon Blog
Achieving Accounting Clarity With Custom Reports by G-Accon, a Top Software Choice of 2024

Responding to customers' financial data management needs, G-Accon's newest release, Custom Accounting Reports for Xero, streamlines financial reporting. This enhancement offers accountants superior customization. Coupled with G-Accon's recognition among G2's Best Accounting & Finance Software Products in 2024, let's find out how to refine the development of accounting workflows.

G-Accon Blog
G-Accon's 2023 in Review: Financial Data Management Redefined

As 2024 opens, it's the perfect time to reflect on what a remarkable chapter 2023 was. Last year, our services witnessed a journey fueled by continuous development and filled with many accomplishments. Celebrate with us and learn how we've reshaped the cloud-based financial data management industry over the last year.

G-Accon Blog
G-Accon's End-of-the-Year Wins Featuring Top-Tier G2 Awards

By Oriana Gorrin || With this year almost coming to an end, we're proud to share our G2 wins from the latest Winter Reports. From top-notch badges to incredible customer reviews, read on for highlights of G-Accon's impressive achievements in 2023 - it's time to celebrate!

G-Accon Blog
Announcing More G-Accon's Goodness: Elevating Your Financial Data with Business Overview Reports

In the ever-changing world of business, managing your company's financial insights effectively is non-negotiable. Unlocking these skills can save you money and time. They can make or break your success. Let's imagine this scenario. Having your financial tasks streamlined with insights into your company's performance and seamless team collaboration and accessibility.

World Book Day - Recommended Reads from Leaders in the Accounting Industry

Today, to celebrate United Nations World Book Day, we're sharing a selection of books that impacted the Cloud Stories podcast guests. The podcast guests are from the accounting technology world, and the podcast shares the stories behind the people who build or use Accounting and Business Apps.

Using Online Advisory Services to Increase Your Revenue

In today's digital world and marketplace, establishing effective online interactions while delivering serviceable consulting solutions digitally presents itself as an ambitious yet heavily missed growth opportunity for accounting firms. Helping to enhance and optimise clients' operations by adopting new efficacious financial and interactive cloud-based systems can also contribute to open many doors for your accounting organisation's success.

Overcoming burnout in accounting

Dealing with less-than-ideal work from home arrangements while trying to maintain productivity and maintain some semblance of work-life balance. Sound familiar? The challenges of recent times have lowered the energy and motivation of our workforce.

XBert App Australia
Do Accounting Firms Need an Office Anymore?

In this challenging environment filled with uncertainty, the discussion around the future of the workplace is more relevant than ever. When facing this return to the office, many things have changed. Accounting firms are also adjusting to new regulations and arrangements. Sometimes with difficulty, sometimes with reluctance.