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Olivia R. Miller

Writer and communicator.

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I'm Olivia. I love to write, and I'm always looking for new ways to improve my messages. I'm a big fan of the Oxford comma, and I'm generally known to drop the grammar hammer without warning.


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The InVisionary
Employers Who Empower: Mishal's Story

After three years of employment with the Hampton Inn, Mishal is still learning new things. As the winner of PAR's 2019 Employer of the Year award, the Hampton Inn recognizes and cultivates her abilities, helping her to achieve more and strive higher every single day.

The InVisionary
Emily's Home: A New Vision of Accessibility

At InVision, no situation is out of reach. When Emily was looking for the perfect home, we dug deep into our innovative roots and got to work.

Blog Posts

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Email Marketing

How are you spreading the word about your business? Social media? Word-of-mouth? Good 'ole billboards? If you're a small business owner or self-employed and just getting started, you definitely don't want to neglect email marketing. Most businesses seem to put the most stock into social media, so you'd think that email marketing-or email in general-has fallen by the wayside, but it's actually stronger than ever.

Cold Emailing: Smart Business Move or Big Time Novice Mistake? - Technology Blog

Cold emailing is the cold calling of the future, but is it right for your business? When just about everyone in the world is using email and other forms of technology to communicate, how can you transition old business practices into updated versions utilizing the technology with which we're all familiar?

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