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I am a freelance journalist and have been living in Asia for two years

Leaving Hong Kong Saved My Life: A Response

To the unnamed 'British Banker' who, in the wake of the recent Wan Chai murders, penned a poignant and thought-provoking autobiographical account entitled 'Leaving Hong Kong Saved My Life.' I do not know you and I am not a mental health professional, yet I feel confident in identifying an appalling level of egotism and concerning lack of accountability,...

Hiking For Sri Lanka's Future

This Saturday, Hong Kong based journalist Olivia James will join a group of 21 hikers and traverse the steep peaks of Lantau Island to help shape the lives of 26 female orphans in Sri Lanka. Flying the flag for non-profit New Day, they hope to raise enough funds to keep the girls' home operational for an entire year.

Montblanc honours Andy Warhol with Great Characters series - LifestyleAsia

Nearly three decades have passed since his death, but Andy Warhol is still as influential today as he was in his prime. The 'father of pop art' sought to break down the barriers between 'high art' and 'commercial art,' producing unforgettable works such as the iconic Campbell tomato soup can plus the Chairman Mao and Marilyn Monroe prints we all know and love.

S. T. Dupont x Star Wars limited edition collection - LifestyleAsia

With the latest sci-fi installment of George Lucas' epic saga on the horizon, Star Wars fans will be thrilled by the release of S. T. Dupont 's spectacular limited edition collection, inspired by the iconic blockbuster series. The 1,977 piece collection will delight fans of all ages.

BounceSIN - The Student Lifestyle Community

The black clouds of inequality rained hard last week in Tunisia, where it is reported that a 19 year old woman has been forcibly admitted into a psychiatric hospital. Her crime? Fraternising with the concept of female liberation in a culture which still abhorrently belies the rights of women, prohibiting their equal existence alongside the men of their country and circumscribing them to rigidly defined codes of conduct.