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Nye Jones is a freelance opinion and features writer specialising in housing, homelessness, social policy and drug addiction. He has reported extensively on grassroots housing activism, regeneration and homelessness in London and beyond. If you are a campaign/community fighting back against forces of gentrification and regeneration he wants to hear from you. He has written for multiple publications including The Guardian and Left Foot Forward.




With the chemsex scene booming, are gay men using drugs to medicate complex issues around sex?

Experts say many men have a 'sex problem' and are using drugs as the solution. Traditional treatment methods may not be enough. Kos' weekend escalates quickly. He planned to have a quiet few days off work but a couple of drinks and a line of the party drug mephedrone later, he's 'slamming' (injecting) crystal methamphetamine and having sex with multiple men at a stranger's party.

Can Housing First help homeless people address their drug and alcohol use?

A new project in Dundee gives homeless people unconditional homes and support. What impact has it had on the 'drug death capital of Europe'? Down the quiet backstreets of Dundee, a world away from the flashy new V&A museum, Angie opens the door to an unremarkable domestic scene.

The hidden generation of drinkers

People over 50 are using alcohol as a way of dealing with factors like divorce and bereavement. We need to show them they aren't alone. Growing up in South Wales, alcohol has always played a part in Vince's life.

For women who use drugs, treatment can be a man's world

Research shows it can take years for a woman to ask for help but if they don't receive the right support immediately they are significantly less likely to return. Karen Tyrell from Addaction has worked with people using drugs for more than 20 years.


the Guardian
London councils pay landlords £14m in 'incentives' to house homeless people

Cash-strapped London councils are paying private landlords more than £14m a year in "incentives" simply to persuade them to house homeless people, the Guardian can reveal. The sweetener payments of up to £8,300 each were made to landlords more than 5,700 times in 2018 to house people who were either homeless or considered at risk of homelessness, freedom of information requests have revealed.

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