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Nye Jones is a freelance opinion and features writer specialising in housing, homelessness, social policy and drug addiction. He has reported extensively on grassroots housing activism, regeneration and homelessness in London and beyond. If you are a campaign/community fighting back against forces of gentrification and regeneration he wants to hear from you. He has written for multiple publications including The Guardian and The Independent.



The Independent
Opinion: Why we need to stop calling people 'homeless'

Imagine a world in which your identity rested solely on the type of home you lived in. A world in which people were defined as bedsitters, flat-sharers or one-up-one-downers, instead of a combination of complex intertwining factors like race, political beliefs, age, gender or sexuality.


Taking Naloxone where it matters

A few years ago, Les Chandler walked into the hostel where he was living. A man lay motionless on the sofa in the communal area. His face had turned blueish, purple and he was making desperate choking sounds in his attempts to breathe. Staff were trying to resuscitate him, but it didn't look good.

With the chemsex scene booming, are gay men using drugs to medicate complex issues around sex?

Experts say many men have a 'sex problem' and are using drugs as the solution. Traditional treatment methods may not be enough. Kos' weekend escalates quickly. He planned to have a quiet few days off work but a couple of drinks and a line of the party drug mephedrone later, he's 'slamming' (injecting) crystal methamphetamine and having sex with multiple men at a stranger's party.

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