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Experienced English Graduate | Seeking Entry-Level Opportunities

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As a SUNY Oneonta Graduate with a bachelor's in English, I am eager to find a company where I can learn, grow, utilize my degree and gain experience. I am a fast learner, committed hard-worker and would be a benefit to the team. I have loved writing and anything involving creative works since my whole life and I hope to be able to utilize these passions in any of my future endeavors.

SUNY Oneonta
Societal Codes of Heroism and Achilleus

In ancient Greece, there is a definitive conclusion that all figures agree on when considering the roles of timē and arete in society and how one attains an honorable, heroic status.

SUNY Oneonta
Edgar Allan Poe and an Assertive Narrative of Anxiety

Edgar Allan Poe’s indulges in allowing dark anxieties to seep into his works of gothic fiction which generously lends to his ability of projecting relatable and realistic sensations of fear and discomfort onto readers.

Norwalk Community College
Screenplay: Over Coffee

Lauren reminisces to a stranger about the day that she finally quit her job...