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Novamen Inc is a private corporation who has combined years of expertise and skills to provide quality chemical solutions to their clients of various industries. They provide innovative product and services to solve various obstacles which their clients face during industrial activities.

Novamen Inc.: Get Inhibited Ethylene Glycol From A Reliable Chemical Distributor

Ethylene glycol is a known antifreeze agent that has been used since 1926 when it first became available. Its oxidized form is still used in various systems to minimize toxicity. Inhibited ethylene glycol has ingredients that reserve its alkalinity and buffer the pH to prevent oxidation and formation of acids.

Novamen Inc.
How To Suppress Road Dust With Road Dust Suppression Products

Road dust is common on unpaved roads and gravel roads. Traffic and accidents are some of the consequences of having too much dust on roads. Moreover, too much dust can affect the quality of life of people living nearby-especially when dust settles on their parked vehicles, homes, and other belongings that are exposed to outdoor...

Forestry and Wood Processing

Novamen has various innovative products for the forestry and wood processing industry. From dust control for gravel roads to diesel emission fluids for heavy machinery, we have products needed to maximize output while minimizing the impact on the environment. We are constantly looking to improve our products to be less impactful on the environment while attempting to improve their effectiveness.

Chemical Distributor & Supplier| Novamen Inc.

At Novamen, we are a well-respected Canadian chemical distributor based out of Red Deer, Alberta. We thrive at supplying superior products and distributing them to customers in various industries throughout Western Canada and the far North.


Novamen supplies a diverse range of products that can be used across many other industries including manufacturing and service companies. From general soaps and degreasers to anti-stripping additives for the asphalt industry, we have an extensive selection of products available for many different applications.


At Novamen we pride ourselves on providing chemical solutions that are efficient, cost effective, and environmentally sustainable to the mining sector. From freeze conditioning for coal to coolants and lubricants, we have a wide variety of products built to meet your needs.

Inhibited Ethylene Glycol| Heat Transfer Fluid | Novamen Inc. |

Regulatory Information CAS NUMBER : 127-08-2 Shipping and Handling Request product data sheet or MSDS for information related to specific safety concerns, shipping and handling. NovaTherm IEG is chemically engineered using an inhibitor package containing phosphate, for ferrous metal protection, boron to maintain the reserve alkalinity at acceptable levels, and the non-ferrous metal inhibitor tolyltriazole for corrosion protection in an ethylene glycol base when used as an Industrial Heat...

Novamen Inc.

Novamen Inc. provides industrial products and services in Canada. Their products include hydrotest fluid, propylene glycol, paraffin remover and many more.

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