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Norene Cashen is a writer and content creator with editorial and sales management experience. She has certifications in inbound, email marketing and social media. She's a member of the International Association of Business Communicators, and she's worked as an inside sales manager, senior account executive and copywriter in academic publishing.

Norene is a student in the master's of strategic communication program at Michigan State University, where she's learned to effectively navigate a rapidly changing digital landscape. She has a master of social work degree from Wayne State University and a BA in English Literature from Oakland University.

She's contributed to numerous web sites and publications, including: the Skillman Foundation Knowledge Center (Guest Blogger); Second Wave Media/Metromode Detroit (Guest Blogger); Teachers and Writers Magazine; C-Magazine (College for Creative Studies); Metro Times (Detroit); New Times (Kansas City); Orlando Weekly; Alternative Press; Orbit (Detroit); Rockrgrl Magazine; Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians (Schirmer Books); Your Flesh Magazine; Times Herald/Gannett Newspapers (Port Huron); The Rocket (Seattle); MusicHound Rock The Essential Album Guide (Visible Ink Press); the poetry anthology, Abandon Automobile (Wayne State University Press); and the anthology, To Light a Fire (Wayne State University Press).

For ten years, she worked for a nonprofit as a teaching artist and writer-in-residence. She also served as the coordinator and multi-site manager for Detroit's youth poetry slam team, which won the Coming Up Taller Award by the President's Committee on the Arts and the Humanities. She brings creativity and emotional intelligence to her work, as well as social work perspectives on empathy, leadership, problem solving, diversity and corporate social responsibility.

Metro Times
Acting Up

You may have seen him in recent television spots for the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, touting the Mitten State as a good place to start a business.

Metro Times
Poet in Flames

Stream-of-consciousness writing can easily flow toward the raising of consciousness. Poet and writer Michael Brownstein’s World on Fire is blazing proof of this.

Metromode Metro Detroit
Guest Blogger, Norene Cashen for Metromode Metro Detroit

I never planned to teach creative writing in Detroit Public Schools, and I couldn't have predicted how it would change my life. Because children are so dynamic and artless, they write poems with remarkable honesty and purity.

Wayne State University Press
To Light a Fire

Norene Cashen's essay appears in the anthology, To Light a Fire (Wayne State University Press).

National Endowment for the Arts
National Endowment for the Arts: MY ART STORY by NORENE CASHEN

Our mottos are "trust yourself" and "keep on writing." We stand up and raise our hands to the sky to reach for an idea. We make crazy word lists. We make wild metaphors. We turn into superheroes. We say, "My heart is a river, my heart is a moon, my heart is an airplane."

Metro Times
Stand-up Biography

Pablo Picasso said, "It takes a long time to become young." And Elaine Stritch proves him right.

Metro Times

click to flip through (3) artwhiteajpg Part Gorie-fied garage shamanism and part beglittered T-Rex/Zeppelin splatter, White Stripes is – in a word – primitive.

Metro Times
Thinking Outside the Flood

In 1966, poet, novelist, essayist and National Public Radio commentator Andrei Codrescu escaped Romania's communist regime.

Metro Times
India Ink

Zilka Joseph lives, works and studies here in Michigan, but her poetry tells the story of a woman who exists in two different places.

Metro Times
Protecting the Question

New York-based poet Elaine Equi's newest collection, The Cloud of Knowable Things, bears a title that speaks of the gentle dichotomy that occurs over and over again in her poems: The thing that contains the knowable also obscures it.

Metro Times
Poems of My Classical Age

Detroit was the first American city Andrei Codrescu came to after he and his mother emigrated from Romania.

Metro Times
Postmodern Undone

Paul Auster is an artist with many talents. In addition to several volumes of poetry and 11 novels, the Brooklyn writer has also written screenplays for the indie films, Smoke, Blue in the Face and Lulu on the Bridge, which he also directed.

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