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Building Your Distribution Strategy in the Amazon Age

Better inventory management came in fourth on the top list of priorities for businesses in the industry in 2018 - behind revenue growth, increasing profitability and customer retention. If you're in the industry, you already know that inventory management is essential to increasing profitability and customer satisfaction.

CFOs and the Cloud: 3 Reasons They're In for Enterprise Cloud Software

CFOs know the ins and outs of the business they help run, as well as the company's most valuable assets - including products, people, and services. Product and Service Offerings Having your business financials and project management processes streamlined and under control makes room for building innovation off of your existing product and service offerings.

Managing Your JD Edwards Upgrade Project: Six Practical Principles for Success | Terillium

As soon as you know an upgrade is on the horizon, start planning. Begin defining the scope and timeline for the project. Determine what type of upgrade you're doing. Most upgrades can be placed into one of three upgrade types: technical (typically referred to as a "like for like"), functional (a technical upgrade with some additional process improvements or functional enhancements) and transformational (essentially "starting from scratch").

How to Win at Implementing ERP - Best Practices for Success | Terillium

Our methodology includes more testing than most other system implementers. That's because we've done enough of these projects to know you have to test, test, test. Functionality is all hypothetical until you test how it works. From the beginning of the project, we focus on testing end-to-end business processes.

Four Ways ERP Can Improve Customer Service | Terillium

An ERP system helps companies: deliver goods to customers faster, improve productivity, and implement inventory control. A modern system also fosters better customer communication through reliable lead, opportunity and quote tracking. Other business benefits of ERP include: Streamlined shipping operations Stronger supplier relationships Automation of manual processes Matching supply with demand A modern ERP system helps with order fulfillment by connecting sales order management to...

Better Business Reporting By Finding One Source of Truth | Terillium

What is your biggest information management challenge? In a recent survey over 10,000 executives across numerous industries listed evaluating data reports from multiple, disconnected systems among their top business challenges. If accurate business reporting is a problem for your company - you are not alone.
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