Nancy Schuessler

Writer | Editor | Storyteller

United States

Tell me your story and I will find your audience.

I believe the most compelling way to reach an audience is by telling a story, whether it is through the eyes of a rescue worker, animal rights advocate, or young physician saving lives. I bring stories to life using print, digital, film, video, social media, photographs, and websites. Helping people understand the world and improve their lifestyle is my passion. I live in Tucson, Arizona and New York City.


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Southwest Oasis Labrador Rescue
Finley Needs Your Help!

Without your generous support, dogs like Finley cannot survive.

Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue
Dog Meets World

Calling all Volunteers! Give a Dog A Break

Feature Articles

Morris Health & Life
Cancer Fighter

Behind a doctor's crusade lies the memory of a patient he lost.

Morris Health & Life
Fighter for Kids

A fiesty Irishwoman's spirited crusade against teenage drug addiction.

Working Mother
The Misery Still Haunts Me

We rescue workers were followed by grieving families begging us to search for a loved one. The Armenian earthquake left thousands of victims we were too late to reach.

New York Times
A Miracle on 46th Street

Great real estate emanates from acts of faith and kindness in Hell's Kitchen.

Seventeen Magazine
A Question of Rights

"We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unailienable rights." But are teenagers as equal as everyone else? You have a right to know.

Nurse Extra
Nurses and Business

Occupational nursing in the United States became a career in 1888, when a young Philadelphia nurse named Betty Moulder was hired by a Pennsylvania coal mining company to care for ill and injured workers.

Brochures | Patient Education

National Kidney Foundation
HIV and Chronic Kidney Disease

People with HIV are at increased risk for chronic kidney disease. But most people with HIV don’t know they are at risk. This brochure helps AIDS service educators explain to patients the connection between HIV and kidney disease.

National Kidney Foundation
Living Well with Kidney Failure: Transplant

A series of six educational patient brochures and accompanying videos in English, Spanish, and closed-captioned text. Helps you educate patients and their families about kidney failure and its treatment.

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Website Content

The National Kidney Foundation

See the connections and risks between diabetes and kidney disease. Discover symptoms, preventions, and a number of resources that hold the answers you need.

The National Kidney Foundation

The National Kidney Foundation is the leading organization in the U.S. dedicated to the awareness, prevention and treatment of kidney disease for hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals, millions of patients and their families, and tens of millions of Americans at risk.

The National Kidney Foundation
Hispanics and Kidney Disease

Hispanics are at greater risk for kidney disease and kidney failure than White Americans. In fact, Hispanics are 1½ times more likely to have kidney failure compared to other Americans. In 2010, 13% of new kidney failure patients were Hispanic. Researchers do not fully understand why Hispanics are at a higher risk for kidney disease.

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National Kidney Foundation
Help Your Patients Connect With Each Other

Studies show that peer support helps patients cope. A new program from the National Kidney Foundation matches patients who want support with someone who has been there.

Facebook Live & YouTube
Transplant Wait List

Dr. Vivian Tellis will answer your questions live.

Rockefeller University
Press Release

By the year 2050, human population could add 2.6 billion people, reports Rockefeller scientist Joel E. Cohen.

SmartPhone Apps

H2 Overload: A Smartphone App

Track your fluid intake, weight, and blood pressure for your heart and kidney health. Also available from Apple store.

Quick Reference Cards

National Kidney Foundation
Screening for Diabetes

Provides key information for screening and diagnosis of diabetic kidney disease.

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Worldwide Library
Spring Will Come

Only one man can save her -- the man who has stolen her heart.

Worldwide Library
Desert Storm

She was branded by passion and betrayed by the only man she loved.

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