Natasha Lavender

Freelance writer

Location icon United States of America


Londoner living in Chicago since 2016

I've been writing and editing professionally since I graduated from university in 2013.

I write about inspiring women, body image, history, film, podcasts, TV, feminism, fashion, interviews, and health pieces. I'm a research obsessive, and I also love politely interrogating experts.

I have a first-class BA in English and American Literature from the University of Birmingham (UK).

Past and present writing:
- Editorial Assistant at Good Housekeeping magazine in the UK. Wrote features, interviews with celebrities and inspiring women, and health pieces.
- My personal essays have been published on Buzzfeed and Hello Giggles. Fun story: I went on Houston morning TV to talk about eloping.
- I write health articles for Brit + Co.
- I have a couple of blogs, and I made a podcast, about the secret and surprising histories of everyday objects.
- I wrote product descriptions and blog posts for the website of a Chicago-based fashion company.

I like running, reading, podcast binging, long walks that get me lost, indie movies about dysfunctional families, peanut butter, and making friends with dogs.

Good Housekeeping (UK)
All hail the new working uniform

Three women spent a month wearing only one outfit every day to see if this could be the new way to get dressed.

11 Things People Recovering From Anorexia Want You To Know

Before I became anorexic I thought it was basically just an extreme diet that people who wanted to be supermodels or celebrities decided to go on, but I learnt first-hand that anorexia is not a diet or a lifestyle choice. Anorexia was never my decision.

Adulting: How to do laundry

1. Run out of clean underwear. 2. Go to place where laundry is stored. Top tip: Throughout the week, instead of discarding worn clothing on the floor after pulling it from your dirty, sweaty, bacteria-oozing body, toss it in what the lifestyle industrial machine has termed 'a laundry hamper'.

A podcast addict recommends five favourite podcasts to entertain and enthrall

My name is Tasha and I'm proud to be a podcast addict. Finding someone else who listens to the same podcasts as you is like meeting someone who likes the same straight-to-VHS movie you saw as a kid. Whatever else may set you apart, your mutual appreciation for these audio articles bonds you instantly.

It's time to stop buying into the negative body talk we hear at work

I hear conversations about diet culture at work that are toxic for me (especially as an eating disorder survivor) and for all of my coworkers. I know that I am not the only person to hear negative body talk in the office. Read this article to help you ignore the triggering things you overhear at work.

Here's the Lowdown on Emotional Support Animals

If you thought armrest hogs were the worst neighbors to have on a flight, try sitting next to an actual hog. Lately the news has been full of stories of people trying to take their emotional support animals (ESAs) - from pigs to peacocks - on planes.

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