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Born and raised in San Jose, CA Juanita Meeks has always been strongly influenced by the innovative and flourishing spirit innate to the Silicon Valley. Her knack for politics, contemporary literature, music, and all things art led her down the path of creative writing but only in a way that she could do.

Author of several short stories, including the “Inner Musings of a Crackhead” and “The Leprechaun Pimp”, Juanita’s witty and at times dark humor brings a fresh spin to the literary world. A self-proclaimed introvert, Juanita has taken her personal trial and used it to create characters that would often times be unseen, unheard, unexpected and make them the center of the story.

When not writing, Juanita spends her days finishing her college degree in English, chasing her 2 year old niece, or tucked away in a corner reading a good book with a glass of wine.

Juanita Meeks is a college student and creative writer with aspirations to be a published author. She’s currently completing her degree in English at San Jose State University with an emphasis in Technical Writing. She’s written several short stories including the “Inner Musings of a Crackhead” and “The Leprechaun Pimp”.