Nina Rose Pelc

Buyer, Social Media Coordinator, Fante's Kitchen Wares

Location icon United States of America

I'm a creative young professional who loves to think outside the box when seeking solutions to problems. I thrive on collaborating and working with a team, especially when that team is comprised of artistic and unconventional individuals.

My background includes professional writing, marketing through multiple social media channels, photography, textile design, fine arts, and event planning.


I used two skeins of Manos del Uruguay's Rittenhouse Merino 5-Ply in color #509 Maroon for the MC (main color) and one skein of Ella Rae Classic Solids and Marls in color #22 Taupe for the CC (contrasting color).

Fantes Toque Tips
Ask Nina Rose - What is Spherification?

It's Molecular March here at Fante's! This week we've asked Nina Rose to give a little background on Spherification. Aside from foams, one of the most popular and well-known textures used in molecular gastronomy and modernist cuisine are spheres. To be more specific, a sphere comprised of a thin, jellied outer membrane with a liquid...

Fantes Toque Tips
Ask Nina Rose: Why Should I Brew My Coffee Cold?

Cold water brewing is a method that's used to produce a smooth cup of iced coffee by soaking the grounds in water for an extended period of time. Proponents enjoy a mild acidity, with less bitterness than coffee brewed with hot water, and an intense, yet smooth flavor.