Nina Meghji

International Development Researcher, Writer and Copy Editor

United Kingdom

I am a freelance international development researcher, writer and copy editor working with development organisations, NGOs and international publishers. I have an MA in Education, Gender and International Development and a deep interest in inclusive, participatory and community-centred approaches to development.

As a copy editor, I help create high-quality digital and print content, compliant with relevant editorial style guidelines, focusing on clear, concise and engaging writing. My writing and research have been published in national and international newspapers and magazines, in the book Voices of Latin America: social movements and the new activism, and in five Rough Guides. I was selected from over 400 applicants to review and proofread the UNICEF 2020 Humanitarian Action Global Annual Results Report.


Copy editing / Consulting

Freelance writing

New Internationalist

Author: Queer tango activism in Argentina in Currents (Page 2)