Nina Braca

Entertainment journalist

Nina is a freelance music, entertainment, and pop culture writer with bylines in Billboard,, Teen Vogue, and others. She also coordinates artist interviews at

She has experience in social media marketing and management.

In the past, she worked at DEFY Media, Prometheus Global Media, and Today Media, among others.

She has tried over 40 Oreo flavors (there are a lot).

Teen Vogue
I Tried Mirror Exposure Therapy for My Eating Disorder - and It Worked

Just like practically everybody else I have ever met, I have been dealing with body image issues for as long as I can remember. I joined the swim team at 5 years old, thus spending 80% of my life from ages 5 to 18 feeling self-conscious in a bathing suit, comparing myself to others who looked different than I did.

She Shreds Magazine
From YouTube to Rolling Stone, Ayla Tesler-Mabe Is Just Getting Started

In Ayla Tesler-Mabe's first YouTube video, the then-14-year-old played a soulful rendition of "Hideaway" by John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, sitting in front of a backdrop plastered with The Beatles posters and various guitar-themed memorabilia. Her flawless cover would make anyone think she has been playing her whole life, but Tesler-Mabe had only picked up the guitar two years earlier.

Consequence of Sound
Album Review: Coldplay Combine the Old and New on Everyday Life

The Lowdown: When Coldplay announced their new LP, Everyday Life , they mentioned it would be a double album (featuring Sunrise and Sunset), showing a more "experimental" side of the band. And they were right, but not in the way most would have assumed.

The 50 Best Coldplay Songs: Staff Picks

It's been almost two decades since Coldplay first crashed onto American shores with their soaring brand of lighter-waving alt rock, on their way to playing stadiums, scoring No. 1 albums on both sides of the Atlantic, and largely defining the sound of the early iTunes era.

R5 Members Ross & Rocky Lynch Talk New Project The Driver Era

Ross and Rocky Lynch are perhaps known best for their roles as lead vocalist and guitarist, respectively, of the energetic rock band R5 -- made up almost entirely of the Lynch family. The pop-rock group released their debut in 2013, which peaked at No.

The Grey Estates
interview: Phoebe Bridgers

words: Nina Braca photos: Frank Ockenfels Earlier this year, Phoebe Bridgers released her captivating new album Stranger In The Alps and it has already become a classic autumn soundtrack. It's haunting in a way that makes you want to listen on repeat on a cold morning when everything is

Kevin Devine Releases Daydream-Inspired 'Kuala Lumpur,' From Latest 'Devinyl Series' Split...

Over the course of 2015 and 2016, Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Kevin Devine sporadically dropped an impressive collection of 7" vinyl splits in a unique project he cleverly calls the Devinyl Series. For the project, he enlisted friends and musical influences to help craft six two-track splits -- one by Devine himself, and another by the artist of his choosing.

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