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Nimra Adil

Content Creator and Digital Enthusiast

Location icon Canada

Third culture millennial with an ever-growing interest in the digital realm.

A diverse content creator able to pitch casual pieces for the everyday woman to a thoroughly researched political analysis. As a true millennial, I can pitch a variety of content from weight loss to the legalization of cannabis.

Everybody has that one thing about themselves that they truly feel sets them apart and writing has always been that escape for me. Writing allows me to express who I am and my views effortlessly.

As a visual thinker, there is always a story being designed in my mind. This quality of mine allows me to always see the bigger picture outside the constraints of the real world.

To pursue my desire to create, I am looking to build a career in either digital media, public relations or marketing.

Please peruse my full portfolio here: https://medium.com/@nimraaadil96/nimra-adil-600c7da683d

Her Campus
Sayonara SSMU: University Centre Set To Close

For the past week or two, students on campus have been talking about one thing - the closure of the University Center, commonly known as 'SSMU' or the Shatner Building. To everyone's surprise, the news didn't come from an email or a press release, but from a Facebook event page.

Cosmopolitan Middle East
14 Trips You Need To Take With Your BFFs

Live your ultimate vacay dream by taking your best holiday yet with your besties. From lounging poolside to exploring historical sites, everything is a blast with your best girls by your side. So, grab your squad and explore these amazing destinations! Pack your cutest bikini and the perfect beach read for this secluded island.

Cosmopolitan Middle East
17 Podcasts That You Need To Listen To This Summer

If you haven't already, you need to use this long, hot UAE summer to get into Podcasts. Gaining popularity in the last few years, podcasts have given rise to a new era of radio listening - I mean, listening to Despacito on loop can only be fun for so long.

Cosmopolitan Middle East
20 Best Places In Dubai For A Proposal

Whether you're in a long-term relationship, have recently started dating someone new or have been dreaming of the perfect proposal your whole life - we've rounded up the best places in Dubai for your grand proposal. As Valentine's Day is just around the corner, this could serve as some very romantic inspiration...

Cosmopolitan Middle East
24 Emirati Women Shattering The Glass Ceiling

To honour Emirati Women's Day this August 28, Cosmo celebrates high-achieving, brave women who have made invaluable contributions to the UAE with passion, determination and drive. Much like her father, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, HH Sheikha Manal works tirelessly toward the prosperity and betterment of the UAE.

Her Campus
Turning a Blind Eye: The Rohingya Crisis

Time and time again, atrocities all over the world shake our faith in humanity. We question what is the cost of human life. Daily, our Facebook feeds are filled with posts about Syria and the river of blood that flows through its streets. Yet, those Facebook posts never turn into actions.

Cosmopolitan Middle East
Everything You Need To Know About Mercury Retrograde

From time to time, we all have a week, or two, feeling out of sorts or like you can do nothing right. It's totally normal, we all know that! But what we, here at Cosmo, haven't always realised is that it could be down to Mercury going into retrograde.

Cosmopolitan Middle East
How To Cope With Failure In Your 20s

People always say that your 20s are the best years of your life, and that might be true for the most part, but it can also be the hardest, most frustrating and chaotic time in a person's life.

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