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I am a rising 2L at the Northeastern University School of Law, and completed my undergraduate studies at Boston University in 2019, and recently completed my first year of law school. During my time at BU, I was able to take a diverse set of courses due to the stark difference between my major and minor (Psychology and Business Administration), and the flexibility my prior credits gave me to take several electives. As I reflect on the skills and experiences these courses have given me, one that stood out most was research. I have chosen to create a simple platform in which I've compiled research papers I've written to serve as a supplement to my résumé, so that my claims about my academic experience can be evaluated or verified by my actual work. In addition to undergraduate research, I have added some legal writing samples from my first-year course in legal research and writing.
[All factual claims are cited, analysis and opinions are my own]

1L Persuasive memo
Motion To Suppress Persuasive Memo

This was a persuasive open memo completed for the first-year legal research and writing course, in which I did research on case law and secondary sources to argue for the defense in a hypothetical case based off the "Making a Murderer" defendant to have his incriminating statements to the police suppressed. The jurisdiction under the fact pattern supplied was Massachusetts.

Open Memo for Legal Research & Writing course
Objective Memo- Negligent Supervision

This was my first open memo during law school, for which I did background research on applicable case law and secondary sources in order to weigh the direction that the case should go in based on precedent and the facts supplied.

Acid Rain and Protist Survival

This was a scientific research experiment I conducted pertaining to the impact of Acid raid on protists (single-celled organisms) for ecosystems biology.

From Pity to Pride- a shift in Societal Attitude towards the Disabled

This was my final paper in a writing course focused primarily on literary and film-based portrayals of the disabled community within the U.S. The purpose of the paper was to choose one particular disability area and analyze trends and adaptions in its literary and on-screen image.

Biology, Society, and Crime

This paper was actually an exam for a course in Criminology- the first part aims to explain the impact of the theory of Biological Positivism on the criminal justice system, and the second half discusses the way social class constraints may lead to criminal behavior.

The Glass Castle and Family Psychology

The purpose of this paper was to assess Jeanette Wall's famous novel, The Glass Castle, from a clinical family psychology perspective, specifically to identify the maladaptive and adaptive psychological mechanisms at play within the family.

ADHD: Nature or Nurture?

This was a scientific research study I completed for Human Population Genetics, a biology course. The purpose was to identify a SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) that I had reason to believe was linked to expression of a specific trait, and use statistical analysis software and scientific literature to attempt to prove or refute my claim.

Fee-For-Service Isn't Good for Anyone

The purpose of this paper was to select a broad aspect of the U.S healthcare system and analyze its pros, cons, and opportunities for growth, taking into account the interests of various stakeholders.

Retail Clinics and their Value in Public Health

The purpose of this paper was to identify a business opportunity in healthcare and analyze it from a stakeholder perspective-I chose to discuss retail clinics from a public health perspective.

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