Nikolai Karpinski

Student Journalist

Location icon Canada

As a reporter, I'm interested in immersing myself in social policy. What makes communities function, how institutions impact the individual and the role accurate information has in this process is what I hope to better understand as a journalist.

Loyalist College has taught me the technical aspects of the reporting process. How to produce fact-based stories using multiple mediums are the stepping stones to my pursuit in this career.

I'm about to turn 30 and I'm entering the third and final year of my college degree in Journalism: online print and broadcast. I bring a passion and social awareness to the stories I produce. I hope you enjoy some samples of the stories I produced with QNet News.


Can you vote in the federal election?

My first story. It was strictly text and first person. I was told by my instructor afterwards that this was the only time I'd be allowed to write first person for QNet News.




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