Nikki Haslett

Multimedia Journalist, Editor, Writer

United States

Hello! My name is Nikki Haslett and I'm a recent first-generation honors graduate from West Chester University of Pennsylvania.

While obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in English writing and a minor in journalism, I have taken on a variety of thoughtful, interesting, and engaging topics during my college career; I was the first staff member to write on WCU's decision to move to remote instruction during the initial COVID-19 lockdown, interviewed local clothing sellers for a fashion magazine I created in my journalism practicum, and reported on the possible threats to Roe v. Wade and reproductive healthcare resources under SCOTUS Justice Amy Coney Barrett. Aside from my experience in copyediting, research and news writing under ethical standards, I've worked with multimedia tools to tell stories in other ways, such as Photoshop, InDesign, Adobe Audition, Canva and Premiere.

As a result, I gained both in-person and digital newsroom experience, having published 30+ articles under Her Campus and The Quad Student News Service. In 2020, I was nominated for the Keystone Press Award for an article I co-wrote, titled “Local Universities Face Mass Faculty Layoffs,” and received public recognition by the senior editors and executive board of Her Campus at West Chester for my piece on the Farmers' Protest in New Delhi.

I am currently seeking editorial opportunities for digital/print publications. Feel free to email or message me and thank you for taking a chance to read my work!



Semester Project

A single-issue digital fashion magazine I created for my final semester in my journalism program at WCU. I used Adobe Photoshop and InDesign to create and style each article spread.

The Quad Articles

The Quad
The Life and Legacy of Virgil Abloh

Last Sunday on Nov. 28, 2021, Off-White founder/designer and artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s menswear collection, Virgil Abloh, passed away from a rare form of cancer at only 41 years old.

The Quad
A Day in the Life of a Depop Seller

Have you heard the saying, "one man's trash is another man's treasure?" Well, as Gen-Z and millennials created a surge in popularity of sustainable shopping methods like thrifting and using resale platforms such as Depop, Thredup and Poshmark in recent years, the phrase rings absolutely true.

The Quad
A campus vs. COVID-19

For the very first time since classes were moved to remote platforms on March 10, 2020, all students of West Chester University convened for in-person classes last Monday, Aug. 30, 2021, commencing the start of the Fall 2021 semester.

The Quad
WCU plans to reopen for fall 2021

A second email letter from West Chester University President Christopher Fiorentino has been sent out this month to the student and faculty body, announcing that leaders of the university are working on plans to open up on-campus, including both traditional and USH residences halls.

The Quad
Amy Coney Barrett’s influence in the supreme court & local impact

In the West Chester borough and university area, community members have access to affordable options when it comes to reproductive health, such as the Planned Parenthood on Wayne Street or the Student Health Services office on South New Street. However, Amy Coney Barrett’s pro-life, anti-abortion views in the Supreme Court leave an incoming threat to clinics as to what sexual and reproductive health services can be provided to clients under federal and state laws.

The Quad

In early May of 2020, the U.S. Department of Education released new Title IX regulations, which were set to go into effect as of Aug. 14. These regulations have met considerable public backlash and have been criticized for taking away power from the complainant (the alleged victim) and controlling universities’ options when it comes to navigating complaints.

Her Campus Articles

Her Campus
Making My Way Into the World of LinkedIn: Starting and Growing Your Network

Not too long ago, several Her Campus members and I discussed topics related to career development, such as tips for resume building and utilizing the professional networking site LinkedIn. Although I have only been on the site for less than a year, I was able to share a few key tips that many hadn't heard of before!

Her Campus
Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Recipes & Festive Drink Idea to Put on the Menu This Year

Thanksgiving Day is going to look incredibly different for many families this year. Large family gatherings around the table are not advised by the CDC due to social distancing guidelines. As more than one million cases were reported in the US in a week, restrictions are vital in keeping everyone safe, such as limiting guests, maintaining a six-foot distance from one another, and sanitizing all high-traffic areas and surfaces.

Her Campus
The Consequences of Exhaustion: Don't Ignore Your Body's Need for Rest

Thanksgiving break seems so close, yet with the chaos of work, jobs, extracurriculars and simply attempting to maintain our relationships with loved ones, that one week of relaxation appears incredibly distant. Not to mention, 2020 being one of the most devastating years for human rights issues has reached its boiling point, an added stressor over what's to come for the rest of 2020.

Her Campus
Refresh Your Work-from-Home Wardrobe with 2020's Fall Trends

Let's be honest, the longer we've been in quarantine, the temptation to splurge on clothes has only gotten stronger. I get it-after wearing nothing but t-shirts and sweatpants for months on end, I'm looking for any excuse to dress up, even if I have nowhere to go.

Her Campus
Getting on Top of Finals Week This Online Semester!

Anyone else feeling like the weeks are flying by more than usual? Now in week 11 of classes, we're so close to Thanksgiving break and, eventually, finals week. As much as I'd like to celebrate making it past the halfway mark and nearing the finish line, there's still so much to do and plan for before getting buried in exams and term papers.

Her Campus
As A Newly 22-Year-Old in Quarantine, Here's What I've Learned at 21

Just a few days, I spent my 22nd birthday at home surrounded by my family and received thoughtful messages from close friends and acquaintances. As much as I would have liked to go out for a night of celebration as I did last year, it is just not possible to do so safely at this time.

Her Campus
My First Makeup Subscription Box: Ipsy Edition

As much as I love to watch YouTube beauty influencers trying new products from brands I always wanted to purchase from, such as Fenty Beauty or Huda Beauty, buying new makeup can become a major expense. Just one trip to Sephora can cost major bucks when I've only bought items from the travel section!

Her Campus
Tips I've Learned about Making a Resume

If you're a first-generation college student, you know that there are many unique challenges placed upon us in preparation for our career ventures.

Her Campus
Make Your Small Space Your Dream Space!

Whether you've lived in a college dorm or a tiny bedroom, you know that making the most of the given space you have is key to comfortability and peace. As most students have decided to stay home this semester due to COVID-19, the idea of doing an entire school day from bed sounds ever-so tempting but will do you no good in your retention of information.

Her Campus
Everyone's Timeline is Different

High anxiety and fear of the unknown run rampant in our society, but 2020 has emphasized the issue now more than ever before. Given the nearly year-long quarantine due to COVID-19, many are left feeling the least bit on solid ground.

A Collection of Poems