Nicole Gibbs

Storyteller. Wordsmith.

United States

Nicole is a freelance writer with an MFA in Creative Writing with an emphasis on Fiction and Creative Nonfiction. She has a Master's degree in Special Education as well, and teaches a high school mod/severe life skills class. Nicole has been published on The Manifest-Station, and Scary Mommy, amongst other places. She is working on a memoir.



How Owning A Dog Can Positively Effect Your Emotions

There are so many ways dogs help us feel good, and as it turns out, owning a pet is one of the single most beneficial things we can do to boost our emotions, add to our happiness, and reduce feelings of depression or loneliness. Here's how:

Why Self Love Is The Key To A Healthy Relationship

In anticipation of Z Living's upcoming original show Altar'd , premiering in 2017, where a bride- and groom-to-be take on a 90-day fitness challenge to lose weight before walking down the aisle, we're collecting and telling a series of relationship stories. Follow along and check back often!

10 Strategic Ways To Be A Better Stepparent

As many as 50% of American families are blended families, a construct with needs that traditional families don't have. It's important, as parents, to consider every angle of this dynamic. Blending a family is hard work, and stepparenting can be especially tough.

What Urine Color Says About Your Health | HoneyColony

Discussing urine color may never be a great dinner topic, but it's an excellent barometer of your health. Here's why: Blood is filtered through the kidneys. The kidneys remove anything your body doesn't need to keep, and out goes the rest in the form of urine.

Scary Mommy
The Days Don't Get Easier

Don't get me wrong, I loved my cuddly babies, warm from the bath and smelling like deliciousness in their footie pajamas. I loved chasing them through stores where we shouldn't be running while they giggled like maniacs and people gawked, or exploring leaves and bugs and tiny parts of the world that big people forget are there.

Personal Essay and Memior

The Manifest-Station
Winter - The Manifest-Station

By Nicole Gibbs I pulled my dirty, fifteen year old mom van into the farthest corner of the parking lot. The same spot where years ago I'd waited for my connect, and later where I'd waited for people who were willing to buy my bad dope at a jacked up price.
A Comfortable Dysfunction

A Comfortable Dysfunction By Nicole Gibbs He wasn't abusive. Not in the way I expected "abusive." He didn't hit me is what I mean. Actually, after the first couple years we didn't even really argue. Maybe it was all the pot we smoked, maybe it was a manipulative trick I taught him, to sit ...

News Clips

The Telescope
Active Minds club hosts "national stress-out day"

The student-run organization "Active Minds" hosted Love on a Leash for National Stress-Out Day April 16. Active Minds formed last December as part of an effort to "take the stigma away from mental health problems," said faculty adviser Karan Huskey. Love on a Leash is a program that is sponsored by the Rancho Coastal Humane...

The Telescope
American Indian Studies Department Looks Forward To Change

Palomar College's American Indian Studies (AIS) department is looking forward to some exciting events this year. The AIS department has been invited to an Earth Day celebration at the La Jolla Indian Reservation on April 16. AIS is also looking to hire a new American Indian political science professor.

The Telescope
"Half The Sky" Opens Discussion About Human Trafficking

Palomar Women's Studies faculty hosted a two-part event in honor of Women's History Month. Sociology Professor Susan Miller, psychology Professor Judy Wilson and history Professor Wendy Kinsinger held viewings of segments of a documentary called "Half the Sky." "Half the Sky" started as a book and then was made into a movie, which eventually became...