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Nick Young

Multi-faceted writer experienced in copywriting for advertising, SEO, feature articles

Over the last 20+ years I've excelled as a writer in a number of highly diverse areas.

My experience includes copywriter on campaigns with top international advertising agencies such as Young & Rubicam and Ogilvy & Mather. I have a large portfolio of articles in industries such as social media influencing, tourism, international relocation, and sporting events.

I am deadline driven, a clear and direct communicator, a valued member of the team, and always focused on providing copy that meets the highest standard.

Please read a few of my clips below and get in touch via email at [email protected] if you wish to discuss cooperation.

We Love Cycling
Surviving and Thriving as a Bike Tour Guide in Paris

Whenever I tell someone that I used to be a bike tour guide in Paris, it’s often met with a big, dreamy smile and an immediate reply, something in the way of “that had to be one of the coolest jobs ever, right!?” I’ve never really have the heart to tell people that cycling through Paris for several hours a day can be more of a wild and crazy thrill ride than the leisurely pleasure cruise they expect it to be. The streets of ‘The City of Love’ are not always so loving to cyclists, and... for Jobs in Prague - Prague Real Estate in the Czech Republic
A Better Absinthe Experience - Prague, Czech Republic

When imagining a drink with an air of sophistication most people likely think of aged Scotch whisky, traditional French brandy, or fine rum from the West Indies. But there's another drink - one with an unfairly sinister reputation, but an equally grand tradition - that belongs in this elite group: absinthe.

Culture, food, music, sports

Gerson Relocation
A Guide for Families Relocating to Silicon Valley | Gerson Relocation

By Nick Young With an established reputation as one of the most desirable places in the world to live, an absolutely booming economy which offers high paying jobs for the best and brightest in their industries, combined with being one of the most expensive areas for real estate, the idea of relocating to Silicon Valley can fill one's mind with joy and excitement, while also providing a healthy dose of worry about how one will be able to cope with the issues related to living there. for Jobs in Prague - Prague Real Estate in the Czech Republic
For Foodies: Aromi La Bottega - Prague, Czech Republic

Simplicita, tradizione, passione. These are the three tenets to achieve great Italian cuisine according to the proprietors of Aromi La Bottega, one of the premier Italian food shops in Prague. Simplicity comes with honoring the flavor of something as naturally delicious as a ripe cherry tomato grown in sunny Southern Italy. Tradition can be seen in adhering to the same ancient family recipe to create an immensely delicious Prosciutto Crudo. Passion can be tasted in the zing of a perfectly... for Jobs in Prague - Prague Real Estate in the Czech Republic
Get on Your Bikes and Ride - Prague, Czech Republic

Waves of brightly colored riders with legs pumping in unison rush by on a steep forest trail. Dirt and grass is churned up into the air, narrowly missing the cheering crowds of onlookers who are wildly encouraging the exhausted riders on their way to the finish line. The scene signifies that it is time, once again, to enjoy the beginning of the competitive cycling season in the Czech Republic.

Travel Writer

EuroCheapo's Budget Travel Blog
Exploring the Amalfi Coast on a Budget -

Famed for its sweeping vistas of the deep blue Mediterranean sea, picturesque hilltop villages, and an abundance of Southern Italian charm, the Amalfi Coast is a destination that any lover of beauty and romance should experience at least once.

EuroCheapo's Budget Travel Blog
5 Tips for Visiting Athens on a Budget -

Welcome to the sun-drenched Greek city of Athens! This ancient metropolis is absolutely packed with unbelievable architecture, beautiful parks, terraced restaurants, and some of the best museums in Europe. The local people are notoriously lovely, and they'll be sure to make your trip to Greece memorable with their kindness and friendly, relaxed attitudes.

Relocation to the Czech Republic - Eurohome

With its beautiful capital city of Prague, as well as its up and coming second city of Brno, the Czech Republic has in recent years become one of the top destinations for companies relocating their employees in Europe.

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