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Understanding the Types of Vapes & Which is Best for You | MISTIFI™

by Nick Marshall Our ancestors could never have dreamed of consuming cannabis with a vape pen - but it's here, and it's great. Cannabis oil, cartridge and battery have come together in perfect harmony to create an exquisite and pleasurable vaping experience. Even die-hard flower aficionados are starting to envy the smoother, cleaner cloud a vape pen provides.

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Texas Real Estate Market Trends to Look Out For

What can we expect from the Texas real estate market in 2021? The coronavirus pandemic has certainly made real estate market predictions more difficult, but potential homebuyers can still take encouragement from several consistent trends that predated Covid-19. Topping the list? Texas real estate re

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So, is it Smart to Buy a Home in 2021?

You might assume that a real estate move is off the table for the unpredictable year ahead. After all, buying a home during a coronavirus pandemic could mean risking a tentative job market, economic uncertainty and even restrictions on viewing a property, right? Not so fast.

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How To Do a Catfish Phone Number Search | Spokeo

As we live our lives in the age of social media, online dating and Craigslist treasure-hunting, the danger of judging books by their covers - or people by their online identities - becomes more and more real. If you're a fan of MTV's hit show Catfish - or have been catfished yourself -this is something you know all too well.

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6 Beach Day Essentials

Wherever you plant your parasol among Malibu's , these are the things to take to the beach for a relaxing, fuss-free day. Of course, if you're coming to Topanga Beach, Rockwell Kitchen has you covered for refreshments.

Rockwell Kitchen
Wild Malibu: Our Top 5 Local Camping Spots

If you want to get as close as possible to our region's iconic nature, you'll be glad to know that Malibu camping is popular year-round thanks to our mild winters and warm summers.

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5 Ways To Refuel After Surfing

When you've had a great session out on the water, the next one can't come soon enough. But spending several hours in the water can give the muscles in the upper back and shoulders a pounding - and most surfers will burn 250 calories or more per hour, so to keep the momentum going, it's important to let the body refuel and recover.

4 Things Your Pocketknife Says about You...

You can always tell the newbie around the campfire or on the hunting trip - and it's not usually pretty. Just when you're about to settle down to a task that's fit for a WESN Pocket Knife - cutting down some kindling to get the coffee on, stripping back a branch, or trimming down a sapling to a sharp point - you spot the new guy.

6 Powerful Ways to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed ASAP

One minute you're living your best life, with a packed social calendar and plenty of plans. The next, you find yourself tired, irritable and struggling to focus on the simplest of tasks. What happened? You became overwhelmed by an imbalance between what's possible and what's manageable.

Natural Ways to Take Your Workout to the Next Level

In order to see the full benefits of your workout, you have to let your body rest and recover. Try these natural methods, such as CBD for recovery, to help your body restore lost energy, repair tired muscles and release the full effects of a good night's sleep.

6 Quick (and Fun!) Ways to Destress Every Day

by Nick Marshall Stress courses through our body on a daily basis and in small doses it can be the motivation we need to accomplish goals that were otherwise out of reach (looking at you, fellow procrastinator). But it's when we no longer have the time to give that stress an outlet that it can build into anxiety, depression, insomnia or constant exhaustion.

4 Ways to Chill Out at the End of the Day

by Nick Marshall Those precious hours at the end of the day, after work is done, are meant for recharging. Even if other tasks on the "To Do" list have a habit of cutting in on our downtime, it's still important to clear some space in the schedule for nothing other than relaxing.

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How to Improve Your Mental Health | RESET Bioscience

More than 44 million Americans suffer from a mental health condition, with one in six youth having experienced a major depressive episode. As a society, we haven't found a way to tackle the issue in a way that will safeguard our overall long-term well-being.

RESET Bioscience | Pure CBD Oil Tincture | THC Free
CBD Oil for Insomnia | RESET Bioscience

Insomnia is one of the scourges of the always-on, hyper-connected lifestyle. It's not just that there are so many devices and distractions competing for our attention at all hours, but the continual encroachment of professional life into the personal leaves many of us struggling to switch off when it's our turn.

How Nurses Can Make the Most of Their Breaks

by Nick Marshall It's no secret that being a nurse requires great mental and emotional strength, but the physical demands might also come as a surprise. Nurses can cover four to five miles in a 12-hour shift, often with just three 15-minute breaks and a meal break for recovery.

Fight Fatigue and Swelling with These Long-Haul Flight Exercises

by Nick Marshall One of the pleasures of a long-haul flight is that you can travel thousands of miles without moving a muscle. But easing back in your seat to enjoy an in-flight movie while tucking into the snacks has its downsides. At best, you're going to emerge at your destination feeling pretty stiff and sore.

Out East

You don't have to be a connoisseur to enjoy good wine. Neither do you need a turtleneck sweater, serious expression or even the slightest knowledge of French or Italian to be the next [Robert Parker]( A clean glass and a nose will do, along with the patience to savor what the senses communicate.

How to Prep for a Long Day of Walking While Traveling

by Nick Marshall Those travel pictures look great in the brochures or on Instagram, but no one tells you about the walk it takes to get the shot. Let's face it, your first travel day can come as a shock to limbs that were just fine curled up on the couch.

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Can CBD Help With the Symptoms of Arthritis?

by Nick Marshall CBD, one of the 80 cannabinoids that occur naturally in the hemp plant, has established itself as a proven remedy for epilepsy, leading the FDA to approve Epidiolex as its first cannabis-derived prescription medicine. Anecdotal evidence also supports CBD as an effective treatment for anxiety and insomnia.

CoSo Health & Beauty
Is It Safe to Combine CBD Pain Relief Methods With Conventional Western Medicine?

by Nick Marshall Analogs of many plant cannabinoids are produced naturally in the body and known as endocannabinoids. Therefore, cannabidiol (CBD), one of the most prevalent cannabinoids in hemp, should not pose a threat by itself. This is one of the reasons CBD oil has become a popular supplement for treating a variety of conditions, from anxiety to inflammation.

CoSo Health & Beauty
A Brief History of Hemp Cultivation and CBD Use

by Nick Marshall There's only a fine line between the history of hemp and history itself. After all, this is a plant with an estimated 25,000 practical uses. As a textile alone, it is woven into the fabric of civilization.

The Pizza Spots You Must Try for an Authentic NYC Slice

New York City is blessed with enough signature dishes and foods to stand alone as an international culinary destination. From hot dogs and bagels to pastrami and cheesecake, it's one delicious treat after another. Standing astride the landscape like a Colossus is New York City pizza, the food you can grab on the go, snack on in the subway, or unbox on the stoop.

Thinking of Getting a Dog? Here's What to Consider First

When it comes to unconditional, faithful friendship, you can rely on a dog. It's a sympathetic pair of ears when you're working out a dilemma and a trusted confidant for whatever is running through your mind. The decision to get a dog, however, is not one to be made lightly.

10 Essential Items To Pack for Your Next Camping Trip

If you're a disciple of Ray Mears or Bear Grylls, you might believe that all you need to enjoy a stay in the wild is a length of parachute cord and a positive attitude. That theory will last until the first rain shower, missed breakfast, or sleepless night.

Best Freeze-Dried Foods to Take Into Space

The food you'll need for your next space trip is probably in your cupboard already, or no further away than your local grocery store. Overthinking the mission is an easy mistake to make. After all, the journey from launchpad to orbit will take you only around 250 miles from earth, so you're barely leaving the neighborhood.

The Science Behind These Productivity Hacks You Can Use Anywhere

Ever had the feeling that there aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done? There is a solution, and it doesn't require knowledge of quantum physics or time travel. The secret is in hacking your productivity to maximize your efficiency. It's about using technology to take back time and fine-tuning your habits to streamline your performance.

Scenic US Half-Marathons You Won't Want to Miss

Pick the right course, and the miles can fly by on a half-marathon. Here are some of the most scenic races to run in the United States. Whether you're looking for coastal views, trails through the forest, or vast desert expanses, check out the best half-marathon courses.

The Best Ways to Recover After a Marathon

A solid post-marathon recovery plan takes into account what to eat, how to relax, and the best way to limit injury. Find out what science has to say about marathon recovery and how to implement it in your fitness regimen.

Everything You Need to Know About the Wim Hof Method

Forget everything you knew about breathing. Tear up the rule book on being cold. A 60-year-old Dutchman has baffled scientists with his ability to endure extreme conditions through breathing alone. His name is Wim Hof, aka 'The Iceman,' and he's the inspiration behind respiration.

Why Doodling Is Good for Getting Stuff Done

If teachers or colleagues ever told you that doodling was a sign of distraction, or evidence of an empty mind, take heart. Science would beg to differ. Apparently aimless shapes, squiggles, and patterns across the page are, in fact, a sign of creativity and focus.

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How to Identify Chemical Hazards in the Workplace | Safety Storage

The term 'chemical hazard' applies to any occupational hazard that exists through exposure to chemicals in the workplace. Chemicals in the workplace can pose a significant health risk to your employees in many ways - for example if they are incorrectly handled, or not stored in safe, robust chemical storage units.

Destination magazine
Hot Sauce with Attitude

St. Maarten tourism guide with a 250,000+ circulation. Worked as Assistant Editor.

Destination magazine
Homage to Fromage

St. Maarten tourism guide with a 250,000+ circulation. Worked as Assistant Editor.

All At Sea Caribbean
Carpe Diem - No Ordinary Shuttle

One of many articles written for All at Sea magazine, the Caribbean's #1 sailing magazine. Worked as launch editor from 2003 to 2005.

Travel Tips - USA Today
The 10 Best Beaches in France

Travel section of USA Today, through Demand Media Studios. This particular article has accumulated more than 2 million views.

Unexpected dangers

One of many articles written about the Caribbean during time as editor of Caribbean Culture online site.

Stewed land crab

One of many articles written about the Caribbean during time as editor of Caribbean Culture online site.