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Unexpected Teams I Want to Avoid This Year: Chiefs Edition | ffshrinks

Every year, fantasy owners are handed a ticket to hop aboard the oh so exclusive hype train. Between free agents going to new teams, rookies being drafted, or young players further maturing, a plethora of reasons rationalize the desire for getting hype about a player.

Rank Wars: Defending the Ezekiel Elliot Ranking | ffshrinks

One could say that the explosive emergence of Ezekiel Elliot stands as one of the key factors that sprung the rookie running back revival into full force. Elliot walked into the ideal situation that supported one of the best rushing offensive lines in the NFL, a young quarterback that relied on the running game, and a new commitment to a ground and pound rushing attack.


In the following months, June, July, and August are pivotal months for fantasy owners gunning for that late December finish line of hoisting their respective league trophies. During this time, many owners aiming to get a leg up on the competition look towards various mock drafts in order to be prepared for the ensuing chaos of a live fantasy football draft.


With the 2018 fantasy football year looming ever closer, the Fantasy Football Shrinks are here to get everyone ready dominate the competition! First things first, one simply does not make a run for a fantasy football championship without understanding the landscape they are traversing in. What do I mean exactly?

A Review Ten Years In The Making: Avengers Infinity War -

Standing as arguably one of the most anticipated movies of the last decade aside from the return of the of the Star Wars franchise, Avengers: Infinity War finally hit theaters this weekend. Before jumping into this review, one aspect must be addressed first and foremost.

15 Biggest NFL QB Busts Of The Last Decade: Where Are They Now?

Outside of the Super Bowl, the culmination of months of exciting plays for two teams battling it out, there are few NFL events that generate as much buzz as the Draft. For some, the Draft is a spectacle even more enjoyable due to every team being able to participate as opposed to the format of regular games.

Analyzing the Falcons' 1st Round Draft Needs for 2018 -

With the taste of the 2016 and 2017 playoff losses hardly dissipating for Falcons fans, the 2018 Draft serves as the next best opportunity for the team to gather young talent to make another playoff push. The Falcons have historically been a team that goes into the Draft with the mindset of filling positional needs ...

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How Jimmy Garoppolo, Case Keenum, Nick Foles raised the value of backups

With the recent deal struck by Jimmy Garoppolo and the 49ers for five years and worth 137.5 million [VIDEO] , and the heroic efforts by backup quarterbacks #Case Keenum and still recent in our minds, NFL teams have woken up to the value that lies in developing and possessing a talented backup quarterback on their rosters.

8 NFL Players Headed For A Sophomore Slump And 8 Rookie Disappointments Who Will Break Out

Amidst the endless controversies of what qualifies as a catch, social issues, and long-term injuries to big-name players, the 2017 season had at least one positive to focus on: a tremendous rookie class. Whether you were a fantasy owner cashing in on the performances of first-year studs or just a lover of the game excited to see some fresh faces, last year's class surely didn't disappoint.

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Black Panther aims to fix poor representation of African Americans in the MCU

History has a funny way of repeating itself. In the 1960s during a time of racial strife, Marvel Comics introduced #Black Panther and gave its black readers a hero to identify with. On February 16, 2018, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) treads down the same path as its comic book roots by debuting their first MCU film with a black-centered cast on screen in Black Panther.

Every NFL Team's Most Forgotten QB Since 2000: Where Are They Now?

In the football world, the quarterback is king. While some prominent wide receivers act like divas, the quarterbacks are the ones given the most attention as the face of a franchise. As the NFL continues to evolve more into a pass-happy league, the prestige of teams' signal callers grows along with it.

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'Star Wars Rebels' series finale surpasses recent live-action 'Star Wars' films

Back in 1978, the extraordinary vision of filmmaker George Lucas took the world by storm with the release of " Star Wars." Beyond its box office numbers, "Star Wars" left a profound, lasting impression upon the world. Through its expanding, rabid fan base over the decades, it developed a religious-like following.

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