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Hello! Привет! My name is Nicholas and welcome to my space. Here you will find a consolidated portfolio showcasing my experience and talents in multidisciplinary writing. In this space you will find examples of editorial marketing copy, general copywriting, technical business writing, informative/influential business writing, political science/global poverty writing, and the like. I am a marketing graduate from The College of New Jersey business school and have ambitions to continue down the path of higher education and make a career in academia. I have a passion for education, specifically the interplay between research and writing as it relates to discovery within the fields of marketing, sociology, economics, and consumer psychology.

A little bit about me: I am 23 years old. I am an Eagle Scout. I am an avid road cyclist and enthusiast of the competitive sport. I obsessively play billiards and table tennis. I have a growing passion for jazz and live performance music. I casually play piano because it is the instrument that brings my love for music to life through touch and the listening ear. I was born in Moscow, Russia. I am innately curious and unrelentingly inquisitive. I live in New Jersey and am currently seeking work in copywriting, branding communications, and / or creative within a marketing agency or small start-up in the New York metropolitan area. Let's connect!

The Borgen Project
State of Russian Higher Education | The Borgen Project

The course of formal learning in society takes a mold that has been carefully crafted over the course of history. Similar to business, hierarchal structures remain in place to provide a linear path for young and ambitious students to rise through the levels of education in order to become better contributors to society.

The Borgen Project
Work and Travel USA: A Russian Student's Way Out | The Borgen Project

The Work and Travel USA program is a United States' government program that offers foreign students an opportunity to work and travel across the country through the provision of a J1 work visa. The program allows over 100,000 students to come to the U.S. into a variety of cities and towns across the country each summer.

The Bull, Bear & Lion
Made in America: The Rise and Fall of American Apparel and Its Reinvention of "Cool"

It seems that no matter where one shops today, every business has the same gimmick, "We do things differently." Be it product or service differentiation, or customer service, or product design and quality, businesses want to be different. More importantly, however, is that businesses want their target markets to perceive them as different.

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