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Nicholas Lundquist


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My name is Nicholas Lundquist and I'm a senior English major at the University of Florida with a focus in Film Studies. I have a passion for writing, comedy and film making which drives me to create content that makes people laugh and/or cry.

Check out my linked YouTube channel to see some of that content firsthand.



The Really Independent Florida Crocodile
Report: Swampy UF Memes Admins Corrupt, Bought Out by "Big Meme" Industry

"Swampy UF memes for top ten public teens" is a popular page for depressed students to consume UF-based content produced by fellow Gators. Boasting more than 40,000 members, Swampy Memes is a juggernaut in University of Florida meme-loving community. The investigative team of The Crocodile has disco

The Really Independent Florida Crocodile
Russia Probe Unveils Plot to Turn the Potato into Vodka

As the FBI's investigation into Russian meddling heats up, an unexpected twist has pulled national attention towards the University of Florida. The investigation has uncovered an elaborate scheme by the Russian government to steal the beloved potato statue and convert it into vodka. FBI Agent Gary

The Really Independent Florida Crocodile
"A Nightmare on SW 13th Street": UF's Own Horror Movie Coming Soon

New Line Cinema has begun filming of their new horror film, "A Nightmare on SW 13th Street", on site at the University of Florida. Details of the film remain shrouded in secrecy, but Director Stevie Spielberg (no relation) was willing to answer questions about the project. Director Spielberg, known

The Really Independent Florida Crocodile
UF Offers Fine Arts Scholarships to Subway Sandwich Artists

The University of Florida's College of the Arts has announced a bold initiative to recruit some of the nation's most promising upcoming artists: Subway employees. Lucinda Lavelli, Dean of the College of Fine Arts gave a compelling statement regarding the sandwich-based scholarship, saying it was a

The Really Independent Florida Crocodile
'What's One More Ticket?': Senior Parked in Yulee Pit

After years of appealing citations, one University of Florida student has seemingly lost all hope of not getting parking tickets with a desperate act of defiance. Berry Martin, 22, has shown his contempt for parking restrictions by leaving his 2009 Toyota Corolla unattended in the Yulee Pit last


ChomPics Productions
"Stage Fright"

Full script of our entire five episode web-series. I served as head writer for the series and personally wrote and directed the pilot episode.

Self Published
"Ride Home"

Script for a short film I made for class. The finished film is on my YouTube channel linked above.

Self Published
"Murder Birder"

A parody sketch of YouTube reaction channels

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