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Entrepreneurial media technologist and former journalist, dedicated to developing the news industry for the better. Experienced founder and sales professional, board member and occasional advisor. Formerly Google, Accenture.

Also a copywriter and freelance contributor to publications including the Independent, The Next Web, OnStartups, the National (Abu Dhabi), the South China Morning Post (Hong Kong) and MSN Travel.

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We are Charlie.

Today, we'd planned to hit publish on the launch post for the new blog. After watching the events that unfolded in Paris today, I've decided to write something different instead.


AFP Relaxnews/HerWorld
Europe's top Christmas markets

This time of year brings a host of traditional Christmas markets. Here, a look at some of the biggest, brightest and best to visit before the season is out.

The National
Vilnius: Baltic Escape

Macabre museums and blackly comedic theme parks are as much a feature of a visit to this former Soviet state as its impressive historical landmarks, finds Nicholas Holmes.

The Independent
Electric rental cars in the Alps

Alpmobil is keeping it green in the Swiss mountains, renting electric cars to tourists. Nicholas Holmes reports.

South China Morning Post
Munich - Full of Surprises!

Think Munich and thoughts stagger to its annual beer festival. But as Nicholas Holmes discovers, the German city has many secrets.

Ridiculously Bling Private Planes

You think first class have it cushy with their dainty cutlery and comfy chairs? Let us introduce you to a different league of air travel, where one plane houses a 'mini-concert hall' and the seatbelts of another are plated in gold...


The Next Web
Silicon Alps

Ah, Switzerland. The land of chocolate, cow-bells, skiing and prices that make you want to cry...